So much for dating apps then

At the end of 2019, Nelly Sutro was living in New York, facing the fast-paced grind of city dating life. Fed up with apps, ghosting and rushed drinks with strangers after work, she complained to her friend Lina about the situation.

Unbeknown to her, Lina had been in touch with another friend, Ryan Lacey, who was based in Germany for his US army job, and also struggling to meet someone. “She connected us on Instagram and suggested that we chat,” says Nelly. “She thought we’d be really good together.”

The pair hit it off but

OK, new tech and all that, but still friends making the introductions.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Steve Sailor recently had a little thing at Unz review showing the growth of dating apps linked to American court cases dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace.

    I am sure some small number of people still get together the old fashioned way. But you would be mad to meet someone at work or at college these days. Apps are safer.

  2. Nelly from NYC. Ryan working for the US army. I’ve read about this thing where men pretend to be woke in order to get pussy. I wonder if something similar was happening here.

  3. SMFS-The only reason an app is safer is–even today–they would have trouble accusing you of rape if you have never been in their presence.

    However it is easier to spot any red flags in person than online.

    So you need to ensure you cant be compromised before you have sussed her out. Ensuring also that you allow no chances for her to find some dead time where you don’t have an alibi to cover you.

    Fucking terrible that such precautions should even be considered but if you are looking at worst case scenario–staying out of ruin/jail.

  4. A pleasant if unremarkable story from the G.

    Would their thirty-something female columnists bemoaning the absence of suitable partners ever consider a member of the armed forces?

  5. “Would their thirty-something female columnists bemoaning the absence of suitable partners ever consider a member of the armed forces?”

    Possibly yes. But definitely not a member of the British armed forces.

  6. AFAICT, dating apps are nothing of the sort. They’re shagging apps.

    If that weren’t the case, we’d expect the number of marriages (or even living in sin) to go up due all this new technology connecting people… with sexy results. But instead they’re plummeting. Millennials are the loneliest generation so far. If the surveys are remotely accurate, a huge % of them can’t even get a shag or aren’t interested (I’m not sure which is the more pathetic).

    Anybody member that film LOGAN’S RUN, with the dashing Michael Yorke and a winsome Jenny Agguter? They had some sort of computerised dial-a-pumpy thinginajig. It didn’t make them happy, because as wonderful as doing sex to women is, it’s not as fulfilling in the long term as building meaningful emotional bonds based on empathy and reciprocity. It’s all pudding and no meat, the nutritional content is lacking.

    How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

  7. Over Christmas there was a repeat on the radio.
    “After five years… Lucy wants to work out whether she’s wasting her time using apps which don’t seem to be invested in helping her find love.”

    YESSSS!!!!!! If the product isn’t providing what you want, STOP USING THE PRODUCT, NUMBNUTTS! This chainsaw isn’t stirring my coffee, what the hell is wrong with this chainsaw?

    “To work this out, Lucy discovers how the algorithms work and whether they are actually failing her;”

    Because they are providing service X, and you are wondering why they are woefully not providing the service Y that you want. Why does this bread not allow me to make telephone calls? ‘COS IT’S A LOAF OF BREAD!!!!

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