Richard Murphy says:
January 18 2021 at 4:34 pm
Your question was in itself unethical. It was rigged

But the choice you gave was also wrong – and mine, on the evidence was 100% right

And thankfully the NHS appears to prevent this choice for you as very clearly the set up you created was not one on which even you could have decided – you forget the third options

Why am I rude? Because you came her to abuse

You were unethical and showed yourself incompetent

And how do I know you’re not a doctor, but a troll. Because of the parentheses around Professor

I am a professor. I very, very much doubt you are a doctor.

You will not get on again

He really doesn’t like disagreement, does he?

26 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. “It is unethical to question the Great Professor.
    The sentence is death.”

    Even by his usual touchy standards, this is a megastrop. I wonder if he’s come off his meds.

  2. I’m pretty sure the first lesson in debate school* is that “I’m right and you’re wrong” and toy throwing is generally considered “not a way to win”.

    * After where to find the loos and all that, of course.

  3. He really is obsessed with titles and other baubles. Someone from a fake online university should offer him an honorary doctorate and watch him start using “Dr” as part of his Twatter handle… He won’t check up what the alleged institution is…

  4. Rajiv went down fighting:

    You also have the temerity to lecture me about being a charlatan, but you make the claim that you are a Professor. When you aren’t. Your title is Professor of Practice. Which is not the same thing as Professor. You don’t seem to have a masters degree or Doctorate in your specialization and other than writing a blog don’t have any past experience in the field of political economy. You sound like Pinocchio claiming he is a real boy. Sad.

    More importantly, it is fraud to claim you are a Professor, when UK universities have the following on their statute books:

    Use of the Title
    It is a condition that users of the title use it in full, i.e. “Professor of Practice” with no abbreviation. The area of specialty should be appended in brackets, for example, “Professor of Practice (Neurosurgery)”.
    The use of the title as it would appear on business cards, letterheads, web pages and instances where the individual’s association with Imperial College is implicit, must be as follows:
    Ms./Mr./Dr. Xxxxx, Professor of Practice (Neurosurgery)

  5. Murphy got a battering trying to defend his visiting professor titles. Came over as so childish. What a plank he is.

  6. The Meissen Bison
    January 19, 2021 at 12:02 pm

    Is this contagious

    Caught by readings the posts & comments here?

  7. Parentheses?
    Is this contagious?

    It would be an irony if Tim learned that from Murphy (not that I’ve got room to talk; all I have is an O level).

  8. Rajiv was hilarious and made a pretty good job fisting Murphy, perhaps better than the higher echelons of the Nazi party who used to post there.

    Needless to say, Murphy the manchild has the last word on the argument:


    I discussed this with a doctor

    They laughed at Rajeev’s logic”

    One wonders who that doctor might be: his ex-wife, the other LLP member?

  9. Panda, indeed.

    And tellingly, that sycophant used highly offensive language but has not also been banned. The full comment is

    “So, and I’m going to say this as politely as I possibly can… take your inhumane eugenicist views, shove them up your arse and fuck off back under your stone, you nauseating little Nazi prick.”

    As a reminder, some extracts from Murphy’s comments policy:

    The first condition is that you have the legal right to offer the comment submitted and that it does not infringe the right of any other persons.

    Secondly, the comment offered must be intended to develop the themes I am discussing.

    Thirdly, I reserve the right to edit and amend any contribution to make it suitable for publication if I think it appropriate

    Fourthly, I reserve the right to delete any comment or block any commentator who I decide is behaving in a disruptive or disagreeable manner

    Fifthly…….But please note that if you are moved to comment please address the ideas presented and not the character of the presenter.

    What a thoroughly nauseating cvnt is the blighted Potato.

  10. “UK universities have the following on their statute books”: what all of them? By what fiat did that come about?

    “It is a condition that users of the title use it in full …”: condition of what? Contract of employment?

    Maybe the expression “Imperial College” explains why an institution should so worry about its employees misleading people.

  11. We are forgetting in bizarro world a heavily bearded tattooed man can self identify as a woman- the potato self identifies as a “professor” though everytime he publishes he inadvertantly self identifies as a vainglorious ignorant cunt with a fragile ego.

  12. Rob

    I think you mean a “beef” tomato. That would make good billing on one of Rocco’s specialist taste DVDs.

  13. >“It is a condition that users of the title use it in full”
    >condition of what?
    I presume a condition of not having your title revoked.

    I assume that a university that kept giving out spurious titles would eventually find itself non-accredited and not a university.

  14. @ abacab “He really is obsessed with titles and other baubles.”

    He also claims to be a Quaker.

    “Quakers have traditionally as part of both Plain Speech and the Testimony to Equality refused to use titles in reference to others.”

  15. He’s taken down all of Rajiev’s post’s now. Including the ones where he lets abuse slip through and where he claims to be a Professor.

    Wonder why.

  16. Just about relevant, from Guido Fawkes:

    Bercow [now holds] a “part-time professorship of politics” at Royal Holloway.

  17. @ Bravefart:

    ” And tellingly, that sycophant used highly offensive language but has not also been banned. The full comment is

    “So, and I’m going to say this as politely as I possibly can… take your inhumane eugenicist views, shove them up your arse and fuck off back under your stone, you nauseating little Nazi prick.””

    Calling anyone who doesn’t agree with you a nazi is a tactic of demonisation and dehumanisation. After all, everyone knows that the nazis were the most evil beings to ever exist, therefore, anything bad that happens to them is justified.
    Of course, there haven’t been any actual nazis since 1945, so they have to be created out of whole cloth. Thus the term is used against anyone vaguely on the right e.g Ronald Reagan, St Maggs of Thatcher, The Donald, Boris etc.

  18. Calling anyone a Nazi in english means you’ve lost the argument.

    And suck at english, given the robust, impressive and frankly enviable capacity ( from this cloggie’s point of view ) of the language to unleash scathing scorn upon your enemies without resorting to profanity.

  19. Dutch, to me at least, always sounds like a lovely language to swear in. Because – I think and this is merely musing – to an English ear it sounds rather like that Anglo Saxon/Low German that makes up so much of the swearing vocabulary in English itself. As the old trope goes, so much of the peasant patois in English is largely derived from something akin to Frisian anyway.

    As some very decent writers (PJ O’Rourke for example) have noted what makes English so rich in possibilities though is that posher shine laid over it from the Romance languages. We thus have two vocabularies and switching, at opportune moments, between the two can produce statements of a certain power.

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