Telegraph subs!

This League Two side did not just surprise opponents ranked 62 places higher but dismantle them, wrapping up the victory so comfortably that they could afford to bring on reality TV’s Mark Wright, star of *The Only Way Is Essex*, as a gimmicky substitute in injury time.

The ” is a different key than the *. So too is the <em></em>.

9 thoughts on “Telegraph subs!”

  1. BiS

    I’ve stopped reading the Telegraph sports reports for exactly that reason. They used to be really well written pieces, but as they now need to be produced for the website as soon as the game is over, simple important stuff, like the score, seems to get forgotten.

    Also Crawley knocked out my team in the last round, so I am following them with interest.

  2. Rowdy: Not a bad town

    That’s reassuring. My incorrect perception had been that Crawley was for people who wanted the cachet of an address in Sussex but whose heart was really in Croydon.

  3. I resemble that remark!

    There are parts that aren’t good, but it’s generally populated by honest working class, so essentially conservative.

    Anyway, our heart is really in Reigate!

  4. Ah yes, Tim, but if you are using Markdown to write your articles, then italics can be written as _italicised phrase_ or *italicised phrase* (with bold being **bold phrase**).

    So, I assume that the original article was written in Markdown, and something has gone wrong with their parser.


  5. Chris
    The shades of departed monks will remain in purgatory for æons for their earthly educational failures.

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