That’s a fairly big change

“By 2031, one in five Britons will be from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background and that number is forecast to increase to almost one-third of the population by 2061.

It was democratically decided, wasn’t it?

After all, we have those who insist that the price of tampons must be democractically decided. So larger questions must be too, right?

20 thoughts on “That’s a fairly big change”

  1. Dunno.. Maybe if you apply the “one drop” principle…

    The “minority ethnic” prefix is tricky ( and disingenious) though.. At which point do you stop being part of an Ethnic Minority? And do they count the Anglish, Saxon, various Celtic and Nordic ethnic minorities present in the UK in that as well?

    After all…. One Drop…. in perpetuity…

  2. Is this the same forecasting methodology that predicted the Earth would be so overpopulated by year 2000, there would not be enough to eat, people starving to death, and wars being fought over food?

    Also the same methodology that predicted 500 000 deaths from CoVid in the UK, ice-free Arctic Sea by 2013, no more snow in UK by 2010, etc.

    The paradox is that the more these prognosticators get it wrong, the wider the margins of their errors, the more the political class and bien pensants listen to and believe them.

    Population forecasts assume a straight line increase based on current reproduction levels, with people from poor Countries continuing to have the large families usual in their native Countries.

  3. ” It was democratically decided, wasn’t it? ”

    Clearly the important decisions can’t be left to the plebs…

    ” …to increase to almost one-third of the population by 2061.”

    The ‘Great Replacement’ is a right-wing conspiracy theory. Also, you deserve it.

  4. Professor David Coleman of Oxford University predicts that the UK population will have a non-white majority by 2066, if current trends continue.

  5. Eng will be ok, but just wait until Catholics form a majority in NI, and Muslims overtake Jews in Israel.
    Tony Blair, if you’re reading this, tell us your solution.

  6. It is improbable that I’ll be around then, but my descendants will no doubt still be benefiting from white privilege.

  7. When i was young I read a lot of science fiction. A common these was a dystopian future where large corporations ruled . In the real world it looked for a while that one of these corporations was going to be Tesco of all firms. Now it looks like the Dystopian future of the Uk will be to be overrun by various thirdworlders turning the UK into complete shithole (just like home) rather than the partial shithole it is now. Thank God i won’t live to see the complete ruin of the Uk – it’s bad enough now.

  8. It’s ironic that when the likes of Mark Steyn were predicting these numbers, the likes of Lenny Henry were accusing him of far-right maths.

  9. So Lenny Henry still feels lonely. It may be that he was a crap comedian who came to fame impersonating white people. If he feels that terrestrial tv is ‘too white’, something I have no idea about as I don’t watch live streamed tv, then why doesn’t he get his millionaire ethnic mates, most of whom got their money from entertaining white people, to start up their own tv station? He could bring us shows about the humanity of Zulu king Cetaweyo – “All Round To My Kraal”, or how freed black slaves, freed by white people, turned Liberia into a virtual paradise, after they had bumped off, or subjugated, the original inhabitants – “Bargain Loving Immigrants In The Sun”. The options are limitless. Or, he could accept that there are good and bad in white, black, yellow, Brown, or sky blue pink people and STFU.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    If they are Britons, that is been assimilated and practicing our tolerance and freedoms whilst allowing others the same courtesy I don’t really care what colour they are.

    If they’ve hived themselves off in to ghettos to practice their barbaric 3rd world cultures with their neighbourhoods being used as film sets for programs and films on those 3rd world countries then we have a problem.

    Sadly, the latter is being allowed to happen and I’m not sure we have a political class who are even interested in trying to resolve it.

  11. @bind -You can take the third worlder out of the third world, but you can’t take the third world out of the third worlder. If you import the third world you get the third world.

  12. It’s rather odd that Lenny Henry appears to be reacting to the disproportionate numbers of Black people appearing on TV

  13. The Camp of the Saints is a 1973 French dystopian fiction novel by author and explorer Jean Raspail, which depicts the destruction of Western civilization through Third World mass immigration to France and the West.

    Almost forty years after its initial publication, the novel returned to the bestseller list in 2011. I can’t think why…

  14. 2061 is a long way away. Generations.

    In the US it takes a generation for immigrant Hispanics to become white. The third generation know basically no Spanish and behave almost exactly like European origin Americans.

    I think you will find the Caribbean immigrants will be 100% blended into the UK by 2061. It’s generally the second generation who feel lost between immigrant parents and the new country and who get all offended by everything. The third generation will be pure British.

    Hindus and Chinese integrate faster than that.

    It really comes down to how many non-integrated imports. Largely Muslim. But I’ve met UK muslims who are pretty much pure British.

  15. Pensievant @ 2.18 – “Black Entertainment Network” Sky Channel 173 (I am eagerly awaiting ‘White Entertainment Network’ showing the MOWO (‘Music Of White Origin’) Awards).

    BinD @ 2.28 – Black people think like that too (only don’t say it too loudly):

    A @ 2.10 – +100

  16. Frankly, I don’t give a shit. If the country wishes to go to hell in a handcart, it can be my guest. By then both Lady Jackfield and myself will be dead, we don’t have any dependents and our money etc will have provided a bonanza for some small local animal charities. I wish those lunatics who are busy consigning our once green and pleasant land to some form of “progressive” shit-hole the “fruits” of their labours, I hope that they enjoy them, they will have been of their making.

    Oh, and “Happy New Year” chaps.

  17. It’s not minority ethnic, it’s ethnic minority. Ethnic is an adjective not a noun, minority is a noun not an adjective. Wokeness causes brain rot.

    Anyway, I self-identify as Hong Kong Chinese. What do you mean, my ancestry? How DARE you!

  18. This all rather presupposes that the ethnic make-up of the population is a “larger question” than the price of tampons, of course.

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