That’s the thing matey

but everywhere else you look, there are government blunders, delays and failures which – in a more predictable world – would already have had huge political consequences.

What kind of country allows this to happen? In the polls, the Conservatives are either ahead or neck and neck with Labour. Among many people I have interviewed and some I know, there seems to be a shrugging belief that, because the virus is unprecedented, disaster of some kind was always inevitable, and on balance, Boris Johnson and his ministers are doing as well as anyone could.

Where has done better?

No, NZ isn’t a good example, fewer people than Trowbridge 1,500 miles from anywhere else isn’t a good comparison.

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  1. There’s a widespread belief that the different numbers from different countries must be solely a consequence of government actions. This seems to me to be childish – it’s a sign of a lack of critical thought. It might be true (though I doubt it) but it needs demonstrating not assuming.

  2. It is clear that there is a hard core of Brits that refuse to entertain following the most minimal of restrictions on their anti social activities

    They are the same people that are always ready to protest in favour of the latest cause du hour

    Anyone protesting in favour of the covid victims?

    Some of them are tinted you know….

  3. The Guardian article seems to be screaming in favour of more lockdown, more rules. I’m not surprised that the people he talks to aren’t really demanding to be ordered about even more.

    In my experience, the people I meet are prepared to be nice to others, and will try not to give them a hard time, but they certainly don’t want any more of the nonsense.

    All this talk of a Great Reset, and taking advantage of the mess to mess things up even more is guaranteed to turn them off.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    What he does not get is that Britain has a toxic media culture – especially the Left are evidence-proof haters. They hate Boris and so everything he does is wrong.

    The reality is that Britain is not doing too badly compared to other countries. But France has a more docile media.

  5. Starfish you are nasty cowardly maskie-scum.

    I said last summer on Samizdata that this winter the cunt Johnson would try to weaponise the 1000s of deaths caused by winter flu and claim they were C19 victims. Exactly what they have done.

    I mention in the context of Starfish because of the huge laugh I had from some moron on Twitter whining that C19 deaths are all down to those who wont kiss Blojob’s fat arse. If only we refusnilks had worn our maskies and hidden behind the sofa with all the rest of the cowardly shite covid would be a memory by now. Then someone asked the cunt why winter flu had disappeared–or so the “authorities” lie. “Its because we all washed our hands and wore our maskies and stayed away from each other” says the twat.

    Piss up your cowardly leg Starfish.

    The bogus pandemic was over last summer–all we have now is Johnsons bullshit PCR-created false positive casedemic of the not-ill being used to try and save Johnson’s career. And lots of winter flu cases being used –as I said they would be–to try and keep the panic going.

    90000 people may have died over the last few months and been falsely labelled C19. Most of them old/ill with not from. And e’body who died has been tested by shite PCR test and vast numbers of deaths-from-all-causes deceitfully entered as C19.Including many LD victims adding insult to injury.

    As for 50 thou cases a day. If they were real infections that would fill up every bed in NHS in a fortnight or so–EVERY BED. The bullshit has been going on longer than a fortnight.

    Cowardly maskie true-believing Johnson arse-kissing mugs like you are the reason Johnson is still at his career-saving antics Starfish. Still able to con the weak-minded and cowardly.

  6. Guardian on Boris: “Thousands have died, if only Labour had been in charge, it would have been far better.”

    Guardian on Nicola: “Thousands have died, thank goodness we have the SNP in charge or it would have been far worse.”

  7. @Mr Ecks

    5 legs actually

    “As for 50 thou cases a day. If they were real infections that would fill up every bed in NHS in a fortnight or so–EVERY BED. The bullshit has been going on longer than a fortnight.”

    Given that not all infections result in hospitalisation (205 of over 80s IIRC) and this is therefore a rather infantile comment, I conclude that you are a weapons grade wind up merchant with anger issues

  8. So you claim that the PCR tests–denounced as useless for clinical diagnostic purposes by its late creator -are finding 50 thou accurate new cases a day. Just that the vast maj are so feeble as to not be worth bothering with let alone ruining ourselves over. Not even worth testing for save to keep Johnson casedemic exercise in career saving going. While lots more die every day from the fucking LD.

    And yeah I am angry and about living in a country of gutless brainless morons flushing themselves down the pan over fuck all.

  9. Israeli real world numbers on vaccination are a lower than projected for first dose, wonder if it’s too sensitive testing or just trials hitting reality. Either way I expect to see a big change in the testing regime once vaccine is rolled out as then all the asymptomatic positives driving the ‘case’ rate are going to make the vaccination look bad

  10. And yet, the only action which would have had any effect, and which the countries which have done well all did, was closing the borders very early. You know, the racist policy denounced by the Guardian, but mysteriously wasn’t racist when Jacinda Arden did it.

  11. I was mulling over the idea of medical reservists, in the same way that we have army reservists.

    What ever the cost of training them and of having medical equipment in storage for any future repeat of this virus I’d have thought it would be a lot less than the amount we’re paying for lockdown. Should facilities be needed, the government could always requisition a few hotels (and compensate the owners).

    Unless we have a virus that kills the young and fit, we could then carry on (being sensible) without having to worry about “saving the NHS”. It could maybe save us.

    Too simplistic?

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