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The famed people of no appearance

A brawl between 40 men using knives, bottles and a sword has been broken up by police in west London.

Police initially reported that two swords had been used in the fight in Southall in the early hours of Sunday, but later corrected this to “at least one sword”.

At 8pm on Sunday, police released a statement saying that they had been called at “around 0200hrs to a large group of males fighting with knives and at least one sword in the area of King Street, Southall”.

Presumably Jehovah’s Witnesses, they can be vicious buggers when cornered.

11 thoughts on “The famed people of no appearance”

  1. ” Despite the diverse and unusual weapons used, police said: “There are no reported injuries.””

    Not even competent with the weapons they’ve got.

    ” It used to be Sikhs and Hindus, but then the Somalis arrived.”

    Indians being intolerant of Africans you say? Obviously they learned their bigotry from the English.

  2. Do you think the Guardian and the BBC would be more interested in race and colour if they were talking about heroes like service personnel from the colonies, edgy entrepreneurs, and NHS workers?

  3. Can’t have been much of a sword, plus a user who doesn’t know what to do with it.

    Even the decorative stuff is good for a couple of broken collarbones before bending. A blunt re-enactment blade ( nothing fancy.. just a simple arming sword..) would easily break arms and skulls, and if not still bruise to the bone. A sharp blade ….welll…. those are nasty.

    Any proper swordsman would have rapidly dispersed to opposition. After the first few peeps in the way…

  4. No mention of machetes so likely the Somalis weren’t involved, especially as there were no substantial injuries, those boys do not play around.

  5. “those boys do not play around”

    Time we stopped playing around. I think sufficiently well of the Sikh’s to say it was likely self-defence of some kind if they were involved.

    Any other groupings need to have their showdowns relocated far overseas.

  6. bloke in china (spain province)

    “the Somalis weren’t involved, especially as there were no substantial injuries, those boys do not play around.”

    I do know when they moved into Edmonton, the Yardies moved out.

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