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The Kartoshka is always looking for sponsors

Beijing funds British YouTubers to further its propaganda war

It’s real money too:

Critics have claimed that pro-China YouTubers are benefiting from ad-revenues in part driven by an alleged Chinese Communist Party network of bots that promote videos supporting the state.

The Barretts have nearly 200,000 subscribers, and have produced 255 videos since the start of last year, gaining a combined 16.5 million views. Their videos are thought to earn them about £53,000 a year through advertising alone, according to analysis by Social Blade, a website that monitors social media channels such as YouTube.

And if you are in favour of that Curajus State then why wouldn’t you be willing to advertise for a very Curajus State indeed?

10 thoughts on “The Kartoshka is always looking for sponsors”

  1. We have vastly misunderestimated the influence of the CCP in the west. Partly because it was still the square root of bugger all about 6 years ago. What are our chances of stopping it now?

  2. Interesting how this Chicom LD shite blossoms now–just as the Biden caper reveals that the CCP has vast networks of agents of influence–all bought and paid for with vast cash swilling around.

    And the “climate” –no pun intended given how CCP scum just love Western greenfreak stupidity and evil–is so much more conducive than before.

    In the first Cold War (for doubt not there is a second one now on) the Soviets did have cash for bribes–and despite their poverty they could have squeezed MUCH more bribe money out of their plebs if need be-but not the right times so to speak. Most traitors had to be ideological. The commies didn’t offer much cash and many of their recruits were well off middle/upper class trash anyway. Even if the cash on offer was the factor (I believe it was with one of the few working class traitors Prime) there was no way to hide from yourself that you were a cash-Judas.Receiving a straightforward envelope in your hand.

    Now with “business” channels and vast numbers of already crooked polipigs/bureautwats and supposed “businessmen –it is easy to lie to oneself that it is just a business transaction not a betrayal.

    I say easier but they know on some level–hence the booze/drugs/whores etc of the Biden gang.

  3. “What are our chances of stopping it now?”

    Zero, because the Chinese aren’t white Caucasians. So anything aimed at dealing with their infiltration of the West will fall foul of the Usual Suspects screaming ‘Racism!. Russians are white so you can impugn them and their motives til the cows come home, but dare to do that to a nation with non-white skin and you’re a non-person.

    As ever the Left has screwed us into the ground.

  4. This year when the insolvencies start the Chinese will ramp up buying assets for a song. Could be from a novel or a 70’s flick in the style of Parallex View et al, send the virus and harvest the loot later.

  5. BiG,

    “We have vastly misunderestimated the influence of the CCP in the west. ”

    I don’t think they have much influence at all. I think propaganda, in a free country is wildly overrated. All those East German athletes would have had us moving to Dresden if propaganda worked. Hilary should have beaten Trump and Remain should have won Brexit, if propaganda spending worked.

    The thing with China is that people care a lot more about cheap phones than helping Muslims. Not many guys called Chang flying aircraft into skyscrapers.

  6. Jim,

    I don’t think that is really the case. China is far away, and was too far away when it was poor to be sending poor people the west’s way. Also too far away for many westerners to bother going – I count 11 trips so far, both business and pleasure, so am much the exception. Now it is rich we are seeing a few people from there, and a few westerners visiting. Chinese “refugees” won’t get sympathy because (1) they are relatively wealthy, (2) they are too far away to get here. It is still an authoritarian country, sure, they don’t lock people in like the Soviets did, but defecting is still a bad thing to do.

    Africa is next door, a dinghy ride across a calm sea, and still poor, and vast numbers of westerners have been going to either the northernmost or southernmost parts for many decades.


    Could be, but how have we ended up in going on 9 months of corona compliance without propaganda? Even if not directly from China, a propaganda effort was needed. In the German media it is really scary how they have moved into full propaganda mode and stayed there. I am starting to keep a list of the ways that they manipulate and cherry pick data to keep the fear high. Follow the money. China’s motivation is to be able to buy a vast chunk of crippled western infrastructure on the back of this. Been doing it already, this is an ideal way to speed things up.

  7. @BiG…

    how have we ended up in going on 9 months of corona compliance without propaganda?

    You obviously haven’t been watching / listening to / reading the BBC. 🙂

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