The Miles Kington school of column writing

Miles Kington, habitue of the Old Green Tree as he was, knew how to write his little feuilletons. His method being, as he once said, to come up with the last line and everything follows from that.

Bit like writing a joke, the punchline comes first. At which point Arwa Mahdari has been taking note. Sex toys- male chastity devices – are, these days internet enabled. Hackers thus arrive. So:

Be very careful about what kind of junk you connect to the internet.

The game being to fill the space the editor has allotted before that line…..

3 thoughts on “The Miles Kington school of column writing”

  1. Yeah but Miles was witty. There are no journalists today who seem to manage that basic skill.
    Lets Parler Franglais was a cultural icon.

    Those things look jolly uncomfortable. And cold.

  2. And very old news, if it’s the device with published remote exploits from last year (not clicking on a grauniad link to find out!)

  3. @BiW.. Yes, it is..

    This being the Guardian, it doen’t come with the proof-of-concept listing. Which the actual techie articles did.. 😉

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