The Pavel Morozov Bill

The Government’s CHIS bill allows children to be used as undercover spies by more than 20 state agencies.

Covert child agents can break the law if it means they will be able to glean information that could prevent or detect crime, protect public health, safety, or national security or help collect taxes, says the guidance, quietly laid by the Government this month.

Pity the socialists won the last election really. Would never happen under a Tory Government.

15 thoughts on “The Pavel Morozov Bill”

  1. How is it that wives can’t (be forced to) testify against their husbands but children can? You’d think the same principle applied.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Covert child agents can break the law if it means they will be able to glean information that could prevent or detect crime, protect public health, safety, or national security or help collect taxes,

    Collect taxes? Not even that. Help collect taxes!

    I am fine with James Bond having a licence to kill as long as he is fighting Spectra. I am less fine with the Inland Revenue being allowed to kill people as long as it is part of an investigation into tax evasion.

    Britain used to be a country where the ordinary people were more important than the State. Now the state is allowed to do what they like to us as long as their intent is pure?

    Stalin would have loved this law.

  3. Is “children” being used as a bullshitty term? Do they mean sixteen year olds or six year olds?

    I click through – they mean the former. Well they are not fucking children, are they, as used in everyday speech? They are minors.

    Can’t say I care for it. I’d vote against.

    But if the general public would find it so vile why must the misleading term “children” be used?

  4. Dennis, Reminding You That Wogs Always Get To Stupid Faster

    You were all right and I was wrong. You said the election of Joe Biden – by means fair or foul – would usher in the beginnings of a totalitarian police state. And here we are, with child informers working for the state.

    Oh… wait.

    Never mind.

  5. And there’s me under the impression the Stasi had been dismantled with the fall of the Wall.

    Seems they got imported to the UK…

  6. List the state agencies, please. If the idea is that they dob in their own parents it’s got to be a pretty f^^^d up family. Mind you, adolescents…

  7. Trading Standards has long used teenagers to check whether an off-licence is willing to sell alcohol to minors.

  8. @dearieme
    The abuse of the word ‘children’ comes from the immigration groups for who think of the poor children extends to anyone up to at least 18 if not 21 (and those who are older and try to pass themselves off as children) and not 6 year old starving orphans you see in the adverts etc.
    It is interesting that when the right to vote comes up the narrative around children is totally flipped of course

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Remember when we warned that one of Blair’s terrorist bills (RIPA) would get abused and we were assured that there would be checks and controls. One of its first uses was a local authority spying on parents they thought were trying to get their children in to schools from outside the catchment area.

    And as for that list of agencies that can use children, what’s the betting it will be amendable by secondary legislation or even ministerial diktat? Give it 5 years and there won’t be an agency that isn’t on the list.

  10. Dear Mr Worstall

    It was not that long ago that 16 year olds could purchase cigarettes. Whichever ‘authority’ got to test the tobacconists had to use 15 year-olds and younger, so our beloved government™ has form in the exploitation of child labour to enforce its laws.

    Creating a cadre of junior spies is just a small part of the modern all encompassing, compassionate, caring state that will love us all to death.

    Our job will be to stay in our stalls until government allows us out for approved purposes only: spies will be needed. Recruit them young; though a quick search on the original bill and explanatory notes fails to yield any reference to child spies.


  11. It’s all six decades ago now, but I remember the Famous Five and Secret Seven getting up to all kinds of strictly speaking illegal activities.

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