This could be a mistake

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have quit social media and will refuse to use platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to promote their activities, it has emerged.

The move is thought to have been prompted by the couple’s disgust at the hatred and abuse directed at them on social media, particularly against Meghan.

Not that I actually know about these things but it is fun to surmise.

Prince Harry and his wife have significant reach on a number of platforms, having more than 10 million followers on Instagram alone.

But they are understood to have said they will not be using any of them to build and promote their work in the United States, such as the new Archewell Foundation.

Those 10 million, plus Twitter etc, are the very thing that they’re selling.

Surely to God they don’t actually believe in their dreck do they? They do know it’s all a marketing exercise?

20 thoughts on “This could be a mistake”

  1. They’ll be back, pointedly thanking the newly self-cleansed platforms for making their lives safe again.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    No doubt if another Republican wins the Presidency, they will promise to move to Canada too.

    Narcissistic borderline personality publicity seekers will not be able to stay away for long

  3. O/T but not totally unconnected with the subject under discussion. The blanking of unwanted opinion.
    Yesterday evening at 9:30 the Telegraph published this column by Charles Moore.

    But unlike pretty well all articles on happenings in Washington in the past few days, the paper had allowed a comments section under it. They obviously didn’t like the way the comments were trending because by this morning it wasn’t a case of ” closed to further comments “. They’d deleted the comments altogether. This has prompted commentators on other threads to draw attention to the censorship. So now the Charles moore article has disappeared from both the front page & the opinions page & can only be found under the writer’s heading. It’ll be interesting to see if they start deleting reference to it on other threads.
    WTF’s going on? It’s starting to look like on Trump, on Coronavirus policy, on other subjects, only the accepted narratives can be published.
    We’ve been here before, haven’t we? It’d what happened when the Grooming Gangs were first heard of. Suppression.

  4. The Sussexes are the very embodiment of vacuity and the ephemeral force of social media is the thing that gives them a voice.

    Unless John Lewis, above, is correct, this is tantamount to a sick patient switching off his life-support sytems.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Didn’t they learn anything in How To Be A Royal 101 class? Don’t read the newspapers (or social media).

  6. I wonder how many follow them just to deride or despise them ?

    It is a bit like The Rutles getting to number one because people were buying their tecords just to burn them.

  7. On topic. Worth remembering. As far as the social media co’s are concerned, they are the product being sold. Negotiation ploy?

  8. BiS – OT but whatevs:

    If you think that’s dodgy, wait till they purge Farage, Salvini, anybody to the “right” of Amber Rudd.

    AWS, owned by autistic internet oligarch Jeff Bezos, has already promised to deplatform Parler. This is right after Apple and Google deplatforming them by falsely claiming it’s a hotbed of racism or whatever.

    They’re private companies y’see, even though they snort billions upon billions of dollars and pounds in taxpayer cash (and have to sign up to asinine gender and environmental bullshit and Modern Slavery stuff in the process).

  9. BiS- yes – for some reason Spotify signed them up for squillions.. quite likely they then went and put their hand out to twitter and instagram.

  10. Jonathan
    Quite. He looks like he should be holding up a copy of the daily newspaper as a “proof of life”.

  11. @BiS on the bit of Stuff Disappearing: Yes, that’s actually been going on for years now.

    Slow creep, but the entire “community policing/editorial” branch has been taken over by …well… California-style SJW “socialists”.
    Post anything that’s against their precious sensitivities, and it’s either in moderation forever, or outright Banhammer.

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