The main areas of focus are on ending the 48-hour working week, tweaking the rules around rest breaks at work

OK, so, hours are monitored and recorded for these reasons.

The idea that £1 billion will be saved for this reason is, of course, completely ludicrous. Time recording dies not happen in most businesses. When it does it is required for other purposes, and will not end with any change of regulation. So that is not the reason for this change.

Instead the reason for the change is to gut minimum wage rules.

Apparently the Kartoffel can’t read his own quotes.

2 thoughts on “Umm?”

  1. I wonder if his LLP partner makes less than minimum wage for her input. If so, that is presumably by agreement but it’s not ok for the hoi polloi to negotiate the minimum value of their time even if they consent.

  2. So if ‘most businesses’ don’t record how many hours are worked how does anyone know they are paying minimum wage?

    I would have thought a record of hours worked was fundamental to most wage scales unless you are on some form of piece work

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