Well, umm

How to explain this Honey:

What’s so “unsexy” about asexuality?

“Sexy” is lubricious, gusset dampening, wood making.

Someone who’s entirely uninterested in the whole subject ain’t.

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  1. Why would someone who was asexual be worried about how sexy they are?

    I actually read that entire article.
    These people seem very confused…

  2. In many ways, acephobia resembles the homophobic reasoning that women only experience attraction to other women because “Lesbians are ‘ugly’ women who can’t land men.

    True, true. Some of them aren’t munters, they were just molestered by Uncle Ernie. (A fatwa on “ebolaphiles”, btw)

  3. Allosexuals [Note: people whose sex glands are lubricated by images of Gorden Kaye] need to stop using the word asexual as an insult

    Agreed, what’s wrong with traditional British insults, such as calling somebody a spacker, mong, or as we 80’s kids discovered one magical day in front of the 14 inch portable telly, Joey Deacon?

    In 1981, during the last year of his life, Deacon was featured on the children’s magazine programme Blue Peter for the International Year of the Disabled. He was presented as an example of a person who had achieved a lot in spite of his disabilities.

    Despite the sensitive way in which Blue Peter covered his life, the impact on the public was not entirely as intended. The sights and sounds of Deacon’s distinctive speech and mannerisms were picked up on by children and he quickly became a figure of ridicule in school playgrounds across the country, the term “Joey” being used as an insult for a person perceived to be stupid.[4][5]

    Children are absolutely merciless little bastards, and that is why we need a National Bullying Taskforce led by our nation’s cruelest children, to come up with better slurs for pathetic weirdo non-sex-havers.

  4. Steve – is that how Ernie acquired his reputation as the fastest milkman in the west?

    Allosexuals? Men who like ringing adult chat lines in France?

  5. Surely asexuals are by definition unsexy?

    Married couple Meagan and Jeremiah Douberly, childhood sweethearts who are asexual

    Are they really? Looks like they are both in denial about him being gay.

  6. Looks like a whole field of strawmen have been erected in that piece.

    Like most other people’s sexuality, I can’t say I give much thought to people in this category. I have no interest in their sexual desires or specific lack of them.

    Fear (no doubt, soon to recharacterised as “hatred”) of the asexual, either as individuals or as a group, seems an unlikely thing for a person to hold. As asexuals, they are neither a threat nor competition in the sexual field. Why would they specifically be something to be “feared”?

    Given their specific non-preference in this case, I can’t see why they would be persecuted either – except perhaps on an individual basis by someone whose advances they may have declined. In which case, they would be in exactly the same boat as any other individual of whatever sexual preference who had declined a sexual advance.

    With regards to the premise of the article’s title: “What’s so ‘unsexy’ about asexuality?”, surely a truly asexual person would prefer to be considered unsexy as it would avoid unwanted sexual advances. They may or may not be attractive; they may or may not “dress to impress”, but I would have thought that, logically, an asexual person would not want to dress sexily.

    Or is this just another one of those “I’m special, bend to my will” demands?

  7. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Toxic Masculinity

    These people seem very confused…

    And pathetic. Don’t forget pathetic.

  8. Steve

    The former West Riding Lunatic Asylum was based in the village of Menston, so for my schoolmates shoving your tongue between your bottom lip and teeth and shouting “MENSTON” was the ultimate insult…funnily nobody else I’ve met from Bradford has ever heard of this!

  9. @Andrew C & Dennis

    JuliaM has a twitter pic of Rachel Levine on her blog today.

    Now that’s what I call A Vast Reservoir of Toxic Masculinity with distinct overtones of Odin on a bad hair day.

  10. When at school in 1990s, my daughter and friends referred to “Harveys”, which were ‘halfies’ or people of mixed race, and “specials” who were pupils with “special needs”. Some of the Harveys were special.

  11. There’s a certain sexiness in the challenge of the unobtainable, the power of No.
    So asexual really are in a pickle as their lack of sexuality makes them more sexual desirable to some and as we have to accept all shades of grey now then they equally can’t complain about those attracted to their asexuality. And you can’t say the rest of us are phobic as we are by not fancying them accepting their asexuality

  12. I don’t have the slightest interest in football. I am aware that a majority of people have at least a passing interest in it and there are many who are completely obsessed. I think that I would seem pretty strange if not liking football became a huge part of my identity and I started writing newspaper articles about it.

  13. Stonyground said:
    “ I would seem pretty strange if not liking football became a huge part of my identity and I started writing newspaper articles about it”

    Umberto Eco wrote several articles on that very subject.

  14. I was 12 years old at the time and remember Joey Deacon very well. I should feel bad about it now… but I just don’t.

  15. ‘Not on the asexual spectrum’.

    Dear, there is no asexual spectrum. Either you are or you are on the *sexual spectrum* – because you have some interest, however slight, in sex.

    Also, if asexuals are worried about asexuality being sexy then they’re doing asexuality wrong.

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