Why aren’t they thanking Trump for reviving democracy?

Numerous beard strokers have been insisting, for a long time now, that American democracy is moribund. Not enough people take part in politics, too many don’t bother to vote.

The Trump irruption seems to have reversed that – Biden got more votes than Obama for example.

So why aren’t there cheers for this revival of the people speaking?

35 thoughts on “Why aren’t they thanking Trump for reviving democracy?”

  1. Did Biden, who barely managed to hold a rally of 50 people in a car park (against tens of thousands who would turn out regularly and at short notice to large stadia to see Trump) really secure millions more votes than Obama, or Trump? Is that credible?

  2. Because the wrong people took part in politics and so the Democrats had to resort to large scale voter fraud to win?

  3. Assume that you are clickbaiting Tim–the senile old cunt didn’t get more votes than Obummer.

    And he–or his handlers more like will kill USA democracy. Or Kowmara will–she also is the sum of scummy handlers up her–poss literally given her history. Kowmara the Shagger is a good theme to.

    American Patriots should vow to cause Senile ChinaJoe 10x the trouble the Demorats caused Trump. They don’t have the inside traitors the Swamp has but that can be worked around . Start simply by referring to him as ChinaJoe at all tines. Drop any of the “Mr President” crap. Refer to him in all and ev media as Mr Thief , Mr Chief Thief , Mr Crooked, His Deceitfulness China Joe Biglie. etc. Names is important. Eh Drumpf ?

    Another good one is millions of anonymous letters sent in to White house–each with 1000s in Monopoly money asking Joe for corrupt favours referring to his history and perhaps ask the Kow for a date referring to hers. Make it a contest to see who can write the most insolent yet mock deferential letter. Anyone receiving several million such letters would get a very clear idea of the trouble heading their way. Start small and go from there.

  4. Mal +1

    It’s like Brexit in lots of ways. Everybody wanted more democratic engagement from ordinary voters, unless they’re fucking gammons*.

    I don’t know what the plural of gammon is

  5. If one looks at the way people voted it seems to me that the coastal urban areas should be fearful of a rural backlash

    A bit of selective highway disruption would be a good start

  6. Looking at the evidence it’s hard not to conclude that the election was stolen.

    What Mal said, totally.

    Democratic involvement is to be welcomed only from brown people, and then only if they behave themselves and vote Dem (or Labour or whatever).

    All those blacks and hispanics who voted for Trump in droves because they could see their life chances improving have been very naughty and deserve to be punished.

    Something the Dems have historically always been good at.

  7. BBC News front page story:-

    Who has resigned from the Trump administration?

    Earlier in the day, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao stepped down, saying she had been “deeply troubled” by the rampage.

    (That’s Mrs Mitch McConnell. No doubt she was appointed on ability, served with impartiality and resigned on principle. And if you believe the couples net worth figures are as modest as those quoted in wiki I have a great bridge to sell you).

  8. Trump still has time to release as much classified shite as possible. It may be that CIA etc wont release stuff but he should have either released the stuff as he went along or have a huge stockpile ready anyway.

    Enough of a release could sink Biden before he starts.

  9. Assume that you are clickbaiting Tim . . .

    Stop talking about the EXCITING NEWS! Tim, when there’s Richie ragging to be done.

  10. The media:

    ” Stolen election you say? There’s no evidence!”

    “We’ve done that for years!” Executive Director Kimberly Parker says… while admitting her organization has been illegally registering thousands of homeless to vote at the same address they don’t actually reside at in Atlanta.


    I suppose you can’t find any evidence if you don’t look for it.

  11. Wasn’t Trump supposed to pardon Assange? Or was that leftist fake news?

    Pardon Assange and have a public dinner with him, that should piss them off.

  12. The concern of socialists everywhere is not the quantity of votes, but the quantity of the “wrong sort of votes”. No doubt the education programmes will continue and be expanded.

  13. “He’d say it was only when he looked in a mirror that he remembered he was black.”

    That was during the bloody Second bloody World War.

    Look where we are now!!!

  14. Pjf–“exciting news”–A pack of leftist lies is not that under any circs.

    Either Tim believes it–which we all know he isn’t dumb enough to or he is saying it as provocation –however mild.

    If you are attempting some sort of obscure dig because I have complained in the past that there are often no threads for topics that are worth commenting on and too much Ritchie say so directly. As Tim has said its his blog/his choice and I accept that however sick I am of hearing about the Fat Git from Ely.

  15. Ecks – Biden’s already dead in the water.

    Sometime in spring the Hunter stuff will be allowed out again or else they’ll realise he’s senile and do and 25th Amendment on him, and Pamela will be in – the real patsy for her DNC backers.

  16. Jussi – I thought the Gammoni were conquered by Claudius.

    Philip – you know there’s something wrong with anybody who hates bacon. Like that blond chappie drinking red wine with fish in From Russia With Love

    Jack – sure, but it doesn’t really matter whether the senile rapist or the blowjob expert are president. The president is a maitre d for the actual ruling class, who have no intention of allowing minor details like democratic votes to derail their agenda, as Trump Augustus Germanicus discovered too late.

    Trump’s legacy isn’t what he expected or wanted, but it is valuable: he showed what we still for whatever reason call “the Right” how to be happy warriors, and he demolished the fiction of representative democracy in the two party (lol) system.

    There’s no quick, easy or even permanent solution to any of that – which frustrates conservatives because they’re habitually lazy and always looking for excuses to surrender (even with Trump in office, most of the Right was content to sit on its arse and expect Daddy T to work miracles) – but clarity and truth are better than obscurity and lies as any recovered alcoholic knows.

  17. TMB – And gawomen, surely

    Henry – it’s funny how, when you’re middle aged, you can’t remember where your car keys are, but you can remember your sixth form Latin master in resplendent italic detail

  18. Steve, my Latin master is alive and well in his 80s. A brilliant teacher that introduced us to the delights of Virgil (not the one from Tracy Island). Still in contact with him to this day.

  19. The clips that I saw of the invasion of the Capitol made it look like lots of rather childish fun. Bolsheviks they were not.

    Of course it’s less funny when a cop loses his head and murders one of the protestors/rioters. Still, compared to the malevolence of all the Democrat/BLM riots this year it was strikingly mild.

    Naturally this is not part of the coverage I read this morning in the Telegraph. The letters page was better: one buffer pointed out that the US was established by violence, urged on by the fake news of the Declaration of Independence.

    And, do you know, one article referred to the Leader of the Free World, as if the Soviet Union still survives. No wonder anyone sensible distrusts and despises the “mainstream media”.

  20. @Steve
    “Like that blond chappie drinking red wine with fish in From Russia With Love”

    That’s because he’d mickey’d the white wine and wanted to be sure he didn’t get the drinks swapped.
    But he underestimated the appalling social signal he sent which proved him fake.

    re bacon, years ago, we used to have free bacon-butties delivered to team meetings. The manager was careful to order one less than the total attendees, so don’t be late!
    Nowadays, HR would go ballistic.

  21. @JT (right at the top), oh, I bet Biden did get loads more real votes than Obama (as well as loads of fake votes). But Obama actually got votes from people wanting him. Biden got votes from people not wanting Trump. So all those votes don’t necessarily mean a blanket license for Biden to do anything. I foresee that Biden is going to become the 2nd most hated president when all the voters realise that Trump is not worse than Biden, especially when the violent left use Biden as an excuse to trump (pun intended) around and cause mayhem.

  22. Biden got votes from people not wanting Trump.

    But only significantly so in certain very key areas and in very strange patterns.

  23. @ dearieme
    one article referred to the Leader of the Free World, as if the Soviet Union still survives.

    Well, the Soviet Union’s kissing cousin, China, is still alive and decidedly unfree.

  24. Henry Crun
    January 8, 2021 at 11:44 am

    Steve, my Latin master is alive and well in his 80s. A brilliant teacher that introduced us to the delights of Virgil (not the one from Tracy Island). Still in contact with him to this day.

    I thought Virgil was the late lamented leader of the Liverpool Tribe who was brutally murdered in public by the Everton Tribe’s “Keeper of the Sticks” Jordan the Makkem.

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