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A misunderstanding, yes

The Duchess of Sussex said on Sunday the changing of her name on her child’s birth certificate was “dictated” by Buckingham Palace as she launched another tirade against tabloid newspapers.


Buckingham Palace has denied the Duchess of Sussex’s claim that her son’s birth certificate was altered to follow royal protocol, describing her use of the word “dictated” as “unfortunate.”

A royal source said that no such convention existed, diplomatically suggesting that there had been a misunderstanding by her new US-based staff, with the detail “lost in translation”.

As I watch that caravan passing by in the news I do keep thinking to myself that her new US-based staff just don’t understand this country. Given that she’s marketing herself to the Americans this is fair enough perhaps but I do think it’s the cause of near all the shouting going on.

8 thoughts on “A misunderstanding, yes”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Alternatively, manufactured faux outrage generates a lot more clicks and other attention than the banal truth.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Her Staff? Come on. Meaghan is powered by 100% Race Hustling.

    She, and her staff, know what they are doing

  3. My feeling is that Meghan, having observed that Wills and family all travel together on the same aircraft nowadays, very much insisted that Archie’s birth certificate had every royal t and i properly crossed and dotted.

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