A quite stunning surprise

Women doing more home schooling during Covid lockdown than men

Gendered behaviour in a sexually dimorphic species. Whatever next?

7 thoughts on “A quite stunning surprise”

  1. Black women, too, according to the picture. And that’s in addition to running a small but trendy-looking business by looking thoughtfully at a laptop.

  2. Yet again the Graun is unthinkingly racist – everybody knows that it’s the Asians that put far more effort into the education of their kids than any other group.
    Followed by whites.
    Blacks, if they make the effort at all, come bottom of the list.

  3. @BlokeinBrum

    “Blacks, if they make the effort at all, come bottom of the list.”

    I’d argue that that’s too wide a characterisation. On an admittedly small personal sample, those I’ve met of Nigerian extraction have been very family orientated, very traditional* and very interested in their children’s education and success.

    *a friend of mine is currently going out with a Nigerian lady. She wouldn’t let him move in with her until he’d asked her father’s approval.
    * Her approach to parenting is ferocious. Her teenage son’s helping himself to some alcohol was met with the warning “if you do that again I will fucking headbutt you to death”. I’m fairly sure he hasn’t done it since.

  4. Okay, I’ll admit I was painting with a bit too broad a brush.
    I know personally plenty of black families who care deeply about the education of their kids.
    But sadly too many of them are handicapped by their family arrangements (single mums or baby momma’s) and the peer group that their kids grow up in.
    My main thrust though, was that once again the media totally ignores the Asian community in Britain ( Chinese and Hindus as well as the Sikhs ) who have done well for themselves, mainly through the emphasis on education and the expectation that they have to work hard to get on in life.

  5. “Looking thoughtfully at a laptop” would be a good title for a novel, a song, or a Vermeer.

    Though in the latter case it might well be spotted as a counterfeit.

  6. Apart from which one assumes that women are more like to be furloughed in the private sector, due to working disproportionately in retail, hospitality and travel. And if they work in the public sector in education or healthcare (which are also female dominated) they would be ‘key workers’ and entitled to send their children to school. So its highly likely that the available parent for home schooling will be Mum.

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