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Acid really does show you reality

The Post claimed that the Reddit user behind the TSLAInsider handle is a 24-year old German political science student named Hendrik.

“If you want to know the truth: I am a young German guy and I was on Acid while I did this post in the last month,” Hendrik told the Post in an interview.

“I had this afflatus that Elon is going to buy Bitcoin, so I created this trollpost. And now all the newspapers around the globe are writing about it, its kinda funny and scary to be honest.”

Well, OK, although it’s going to lead to an interesting career. Some hedge fund will lock him up in the basement and feed the required amount of acid into his saline drip then trade on the visions……

10 thoughts on “Acid really does show you reality”

  1. If Alphaville is to be believed, then Tesla has spunked US$1,500,000,000 buying Bitcoin.


    Because is a very quick way of gaining some multiple of 1.5Bln US? Why that demand for additional cash RSN?

  2. Flatus is a much better description of this punks level of “divine inspiration”.

    Divine in this case being more likely a channelling from the late trannie sleeze-film actor. Who can forget his immortal dialogue on receiving un boite de merde (surrounded by his idiot cinematic “sons”)

    “A bowel movement: Someone has sent me a bowel movement”

    Idiot son: “A Turd Momma: A Turd”

    With such insights –inshites?–breaking through from above the kid is sure to end a trillionaire.

  3. Bitcoin is now becoming uncorrelated financial asset which will help institutions to hedge various risks like inflations and default. Hedge funds, insurers, wealth funds and corporations will allocate funds to it, they are very quiet about it (except Musk!) for fear of the market front running them. On the other hand weak hands are selling.

  4. Very funny how hostile some smaller retail investors are to bitcoin. I guess they and their financial system seem threatened by it. “It’s a bubble!”. “You’ll lose everything!”. This from some twat:”Bitcoin seems to be touted as a solution to problems that are not really problems at all and is absurdly energy inefficient. Not much of a systemic problem if trading just takes place between retail, drug dealers, money launderers, etc., but Institutional investors are being sucked in now, which is scary.”

    Most I can lose is £460.

  5. I’m not totally convinced by this story. The best description of the effects of LSD was offered by a user back in the seventies. “If you woke up to find aliens had landed in Hyde Park & were parading down Oxford Steet waving banners & playing trombones, World War 3 had started & mushroom clouds were rising over Cricklewood & Wembley & it was raining pink fluffy kittens you’d be thinking ‘Another boring day. Hope we can score some acid’ ” Can’t imaging anyone getting a Bitcoin scam organised on it. Brushing your teeth is complex enough & could take all day.

  6. Off topic but over in Spudland he had a tirade about a lack of compliance at Companies House – in particular about the annual Confirmation Statement which has to be filed (details things like shareholders (or LLP members), directors and so on).

    People have the option to file a Statement stating that there had been no changes since the previous Statement – a ‘no updates’ statement.

    This was apparently an outrage that could lead to it being nearly impossible to find out what was going on. Full Confirmation Statements MUST be filed every time, Spud thundered.

    Guess who has filed ‘no update’ Confirmation Statements for the last 4 years. Tax Research LLP.

    Looking at another of Spud’s ventures, Corporate Accountability Network, we find their first ever Confirmation Statement was a ‘no updates’ Statement – and that it is wrong as there had been changes since the company formation – notably the appointment of two directors.

    Hilariously he puffs himself up during the discussion on Confirmation Statements “I am an FCA”, “I have filed lots of Confirmation Statements”. I wonder if he’s filed any accurate ones?

  7. How is bitcoin a hedge against inflation? There is a limit number. If demand increases, price shoots up, if decreases the price tumbles.

  8. @PF
    It’s a hedge against government inspired inflation It responds to market forces, not central bank policies.

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