Allies? You what?

It’s not every day that the ambassador of one of Britain’s closest allies calls the prime minister a congenital liar. Sylvie Bermann, who was until 2017 France’s envoy at the court of St James,

The French? Our allies?

Close, yes, obviously, but on the basis that you keep your enemies closer…..

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  1. The writer is presumably a Remainer? I’d say anyone in the Anglosphere is a closer ally than France. Plus Portugal, of course.

  2. I thought ‘perfidious Albion’ was the traditional French name for Britain. But perhaps the Frogs were simply lying.

  3. I’m sure “Sir Humphrey” was correct when he disabused “Jim Hacker” about our nuclear deterrent… “No, no, no Minister, it’s not to protect us from the Russians, it’s to protect us from the French“.

  4. Has the daft French bint got a book coming out and needs the publicity?


    Sadly, of course, for her the wonderous EU has lost some of its lustre over vaccine procurement and its obstructionist implementation of EU-UK trade.

    I doubt she’s in a position to assert Johnson’s lying is “congenital” with any authority so she must be lying.

  5. ““I’ve come in for the usual stuff: ‘Without us, you’d still be under the Third Reich’ and so on,””

    If they’d just had a fifth year of occupation, then they would have done something, unlike the previous 4 years.

  6. It was those dozy bastards treating us so badly that got us our Brexit vote.

    In a way, we should thank them… except they’re French…

  7. ‘We hate the French! We fight wars against them! Did all those men die in vain on the fields of Agincourt?! Was the man who burnt Joan of Arc simply wasting good matches?’

  8. @Andy ex-Taiwan,

    It turns out that it wasn’t the English who burnt Joan of Arc, but the French. And the grounds were that she insisted on wearing trousers.

  9. The silly woman should read more history, and understand the trap that France has walked into…

    In 1914, formulating German war aims, Chancellor Bethmann-Hollwegg said: “We must create a central European economic association through common customs treaties, to include France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Austria-Hungary, Poland and perhaps Italy, Sweden and Norway…all its members will be formally equal but, in practice, will be under German leadership and must stabilize Germany’s economic dominance…”.

    In the 1930s, prominent Nazis spoke of a “European family of nations,” or a “European community,” which would experience “rapidly increasing prosperity once national economic barriers are removed.” The term Großraumwirtschaft (large economic area) became a common theme of Nazi propaganda.

    In 1940, Göring began assembling plans for the “large-scale economic unification of Europe.” Walther Funk developed Göring’s plan, calling it the “European Economic Community” and outlining its characteristics in a series of papers in 1941.

    Dr. Bernhard Benning — who spoke on the “European Currency Question” at a 1942 Nazi conference on the “European Economic Community” — went on to become a senior figure in the Bundesbank.

    Less than two decades later the EEC was founded…

  10. As much as I despise the EU and have no time for French Stench –Johnson is indeed a pathological liar. And every bit as big an enemy of the people of the UK as the French or the EU. And he has a much larger cheering section of UK mugs on his team than either of the other 2.

  11. @Theo To be fair, those lads were simply copy-pasting what they already knew worked… They had the US, the brit empire, the french empire, the Austro-hungarian empire, czar-russia and later bolshewick-russia as examples.

    And their own (quite fresh) history as a collection of completely balcanised territories as an example of how not to do it.

    Federalisation works. History has proven that. It’s simply upping the scale allowing for a lot of fancy stuff in economy, production, and lifestyle we have come to expect nowadays.
    The Nazis did nothing original, they just did the same “old” thing with their own ideological twist to it.

    Finding a balance between disparate territories is another matter, but getting Europe to go in any one direction is like herding cats anyway. Only time will tell how things will end up.

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