American foreign policy knowledge

Without al-Qaeda, we would have cared about Afghanistan and the Taliban about the same amount we care about Eritrea and its repressive king. Which, of course, is not at all.

King? Eritrea?

Lucas Kunce is the national-security director at the American Economic Liberties Project.


8 thoughts on “American foreign policy knowledge”

  1. No elections since 1993 but still a valued member of the UN and an Observer State in the Arab League. I imagine the UK government is busy channelling funds there

  2. No elections since 1993

    When did Eritrea actually gain independence? The last and only time I was in Asmara (on a runway, in an Ethiopian Airways plane and with all the blinds drawn down by order), Eritrea was a province of Mengistu’s Ethiopia with the Pythonesque ELF and the EPLF vying for supremacy in armed insurrection.

  3. From Wikipedia
    “Eritrea gained de facto independence in 1991. Eritrea gained de jure independence in 1993 after an independence referendum.”

  4. Not at all.
    Which is why he doesn’t care whether they have a king or an oppressive cabal of military marxists.
    Kings tend to be less oppressive or oppressive for much shorter periods since assassination is an effective and relative swift cure for mad, bad monarchs.

  5. Diogenes: The only UK project in Eritrea that I could find that got zero funds is the one tackling illegal immigration.

  6. Doesn’t the lack of elections make him a king of sorts? Few would dispute that the Jong-Uns are now the established hereditary monarchy of North Korea.

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