Bit of a turnaround, isn’t it?

Russia is vital for the supply for some foods. It is the biggest exporter of wheat

Tsarist Russia was an exporter, today’s Putinesque is, Soviet wasn’t. This tells us something about collective farming methods…..

13 thoughts on “Bit of a turnaround, isn’t it?”

  1. Tsarist Russia was an exporter, today’s Putinesque is, Soviet wasn’t.

    As fine a bit of writing as I ever did encounter.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The Soviet Union *was*, sort of. Under Stalin. A pity that they were trying to export grain, timber and gold during the Great Depression – with collectivisation more or less coinciding with it.

    The thing was, after Stalin died, his successors were not willing to let millions die. Stalin was. That meant that Khrushchev started buying Western food. A policy that continued under all *his* successors until the end of the slave system.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I wonder if, when Vlad went to visit Berlusconi, was ever served spaghetti Putinesca?

    Would Berlusconi dare?

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Tim Worstall February 16, 2021 at 12:02 pm – “Well, yes, except it’s putanesca. Means “whores’”. Or perhaps “sluts’”.”

    Yeah but there is nothing – not even a weak pun – if you spell it right.

    It may come from an Italian word meaning the poor – something was later applied to both the spaghetti and the whores. I doubt it though. I hope not.

  5. Iron Age Britain was an exporter, Roman Britain was, today’s Borisesque isn’t. This tells us something about capitalist farming using free labour …

  6. Tsarist Russia was an exporter, today’s Putinesque is, Soviet wasn’t. This tells us something about collective farming methods…..

    Or maybe the Soviets read somewhere that it’s the imports that make you rich, not the exports.

  7. dearieme
    February 16, 2021 at 12:47 pm
    Iron Age Britain was an exporter, Roman Britain was…

    Every part of the Roman Empire was an exporter, although in those days the locals used the word ‘plunder’ not export.

    And during the Iron Age, Britain exported tons of stones left over from the Stone Age.

  8. Putain ! (whore!) is a great all-purpose French swearword. It’s amusing to see how many different ways it gets translated in the subtitles to Engrenages (Spiral): all the way from damn to fuck taking in most of the stops along the way. Con, whose meaning you can probably guess, is thrown about with abandon in conversational French, in the way that the English c-word is not – it can even be used affectionately, as in the Aussie “you old bastard”.

  9. Not poor, no, except poor in time. Every Italian fridge will have olives, peppers, perhaps capers in it. And the cupboard will have spag.

    So, if you’ve been spending your afternoon with lover – a not unknown phenomenon – then what are you going to cook for hubby when he gets home? Spag with olives, peppers, capers maybe. Spag puttanesca.

    So goes the story. I further rather suspect that so well known is this story about the derivation that hubby only does get it – the spag P, not it – on days when the afternoon was actually spent with the sewing circle or some such. Or even, with hubby.

  10. An important export of Roman Britain was slaves.

    As for the USSR, it’s entertaining to think that it still might exist if their pollies had had the good sense to scrap their idiot collective farming. But the stupider the idea, the more stubborn the pollies are about persisting – not of course that this attitude is restricted to Russians.

  11. Boganboy, even before then !

    Jean Simmons played a pre Roman British slave in Spartacus ( she says as much when Crassus visits). Tony Curtis played a slave from the infamous province of Brooklynium.

    (As an aside, most of the USSRs problems were not so much one of production but of distribution. They grew lots of lovely fruit in the south, but couldn’t get it to Moscow before it went off.)

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