We also recognise that there is currently biological essentialism and transphobia present within elements of mainstream birth narratives and discourse.

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  1. As midwives and birth workers, we focus on improving access and health outcomes for marginalised and disadvantaged groups. Women are frequently disadvantaged in healthcare, as are trans and non-binary people … By continuing to use the term ‘woman’ we commit to working on addressing health inequalities for all who use our services.

    Ex Cuse me! MidWIVES?? That’s blatant biological essentialism right there. Transparenting International should cancel the BSUH immediately.

  2. biological essentialism and transphobia = reality
    mainstream birth narratives and discourse = reality

    The tranny mentalists just can’t cope with reality.

  3. The gibbershit seems to be getting worse and worse. Of course this may simply mean I’m getting older and older.

  4. Women giving birth is not a “narrative”, it is a biological fact, as are
    1. men don’t give birth
    2. women have no penises

  5. @John B – Wasn’t / isn’t “Bristol Milk” Harvey’s lighter version of “Bristol Cream” sherry?

  6. @Dearieme – ISTR that “Dr Crippen” in his doctor’s blog, sadly no longer online, used to refer to them as “madwives”.

  7. “It’s been obvious for years that the midwifing trade has lots of nut-cases among its number. But why?”
    Interesting question. I suspect it’s this:
    Health professionals will always think they should control because in matters of health they think they know best. But that gets tempered in relation to the sick, because the sick are ill. But women in the process of giving birth are healthy. So all the stops are pulled out

  8. If I were going to give birth, which as a male is perfectly possible – innit? – I’d seek out a ward run by medics rather than midwives.
    But do doctor-run wards exist?

  9. What they need is a multimillion-pound campaign to encourage “other genders” to have children. Imagine what the pitch could possibly be…

  10. Dearime–prob cos the left has embraced a lot of “women’s mysteries” type cockrot over the years and as leftism eats away everywhere some of that bull has got carried into midwifery.

    It’s something that’s womens so to speak and in which men have little interest beyond technical, medical matters like inventing forceps and saving millions of lives etc.

  11. ISTR that “Dr Crippen” in his doctor’s blog, sadly no longer online, used to refer to them as “madwives”.

    My GP sister refers to them as Midwitches.

  12. Is materialism now transphobia? Must we all believe in a separate ‘true me’ spirit separate from and sometimes in conflict with our physical body?

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