Chris Whitty is Slim Dusky and I claim my £5

Oh it’s-a lonesome away from your kindred and all
By the campfire at night we’ll hear the wild dingoes call
But there’s-a nothing so lonesome, morbid or drear
Than to stand in the bar of a pub with no beer

Now the publican’s anxious for the quota to come
And there’s a far away look on the face of the bum
The maid’s gone all cranky and the cook’s acting queer
Oh what a terrible place is a pub with no beer

These people cannot really be serious, can they?

Pubs and restaurants could reopen as soon as April if they agree not to sell alcohol under options being discussed to allow the widespread relaxation of coronavirus restrictions after Easter.

38 thoughts on “Chris Whitty is Slim Dusky and I claim my £5”

  1. Fortunately in Brisbane the pubs reopened quite a while ago, and they sell grog.

    Indeed I remember I was walking down to the shop and a young bloke asked ME!!!!! (he was drunk) whether going to the pub to have a drink was a good idea. I did my best to re-assure him that it was.

  2. More
    “something must be done”
    “This is something”

    They are doing their level best to undermine respect for authority.

  3. You think politicians can’t be deadly serious about imposing futile ritual gestures on the entire population?

    Seriously what planet, what actual planet, have you been on the last year?

    They have used a tipping effect to induce mass compliance and psychosis. It worked like a Chinese charm. I actually agree the only way out of this without complete mayhem and disorder is a gradual one. People must never be allowed to realise they gaslighted themselves. The mass cognitive dissonance will do even more damage than the mass psychosis. So a gradual lifting might be the only correct decision (for the wrong reasons) the global political class has made in this heavily stage-managed crisis.

  4. Surely now even the hardest-line #lockdown fan must realise it’s not – and perhaps never has been – purely about the virus.

    It’s about control, and seeing how far you can push people before they push back.

  5. The latest whizz in Germany is that you have to wear a so-called “medical mask”. This after Markus SöDDR imposed FFP2 masks in Bavaria and former socialist youth propaganda agitator Merkel had to do something, but couldn’t extend the FFP2 thing to the whole country.

    This has struck a nerve.

    Because all of granny’s lovingly hand-sewn masks have just been declared worthless.

  6. “It’s about control, and seeing how far you can push people before they push back.”

    I don’t think it is that, Julia. I’d say they’re so far up their own arses they think they can hand out directions & everyone will just comply. Because, over so many things in the past, that’s what people have done. Grumbled but knuckled under. However, eventually they’re going to exhaust tolerance. Problem, past that, is if people start rebelling over one thing they’re going to rebel over more. They’ll get the taste for it. And government, in the end, relies on consent. It doesn’t have the power to enforce. There aren’t enough police to enforce laws.

  7. I understand legal action will be under way soon. Even UK’s cowardly Beak class might realise this is a way to pretend they are not state owned without endangering their own lifestyle.

  8. “There aren’t enough police to enforce laws.”

    Maybe. But there are definitely enough computers to make enforcement possible. They won’t block book the Old Bailey for a modern Bloody Assize. It will just be done ‘administratively’; gradually, over months and years; and spread out over the whole country. Vengance is, after all, a dish best eaten cold.

  9. if they agree not to sell alcohol

    What about if they raffle the beer? (And mysteriously, the tickets cost the same as a pint would have, and somehow they all win!)

  10. @BiW

    I’m sure that’s been done before somewhere. Singapore, I think. Can’t remember the name of the hotel.

  11. decnine–We are the ones looking for vengeance not Johnsob and his corrupt gang. Econ ruin arriving will make that abundantly clear.

  12. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    The temperance puritan fanatics in PHE and the like are clearly using this as good cover to try and destroy the pub industry, their ranks being made up of unpopular, friendless freaks who have a chip in their shoulder about us normal folks going to the pub and enjoying ourselves.

    They should be taken outside and shot.

  13. Bloke in China (Germany Province)

    In a war between the saloon bar big talkers who will “take them outside and shoot them” and the puritan safety fanatics, I know which side I would put my money on.

  14. It is down to publicans Biggie. They must know they are being ruined but if they wont open we cant go in and refuse to be moved by Plod. Plod WILL soon run out of will and manpower after being forced to clear even a couple of crowded pubs. Even more so with crowd-funded top lawyers on hand for the cases.

    But we cant force publicans to open if they prefer to die quietly.

  15. BiW,
    If money changes hands, even for a raffle, it can he held to he a sale and therefore unlawful. However, if the alcohol was given away free, there would be no problem. A donation ‘for the blind’ (you know, that thing that stops the sun shining through the window), would no doubt be welcome.

  16. There is almost no appetite for protest or rebellion in the UK. The populace is thoroughly cowed. The stupid cunts who step into the road rather than pass me on the pavement are not going to support rebel restaurant openings. They’ll do what they are told, regardless of how stupid or obviously contradictory it is.

    A new paper pushed by the lunatics at SAGE claims there will be 750 COVID deaths a day by October, if we emerge from lockdown over the summer, regardless of vaccination. These nutters are pushing eternal lockdown and I see no pushback from the general public.

  17. “bloke in spain
    “something must be done”
    “This is something””

    To which I’d add

    “and someone else must pay for it”

  18. There is almost no appetite for protest or rebellion in the UK.

    Dunno what makes you say that, MC.
    – “Chris Whitty has developed something of a fan following among the public for his straight-talking, trustworthy and unflappable nature at the press conferences.”

    . . . SAGE claims there will be 750 COVID deaths a day by October, if we emerge from lockdown over the summer, regardless of vaccination

    Then they’re telling us the vaccines don’t work.

  19. You lot are normally cleverer than this. It’s just a standard technique for releasing bad news.

    “Government plans to release two million prisoners / admit two million migrants / fire two million nurses”

    Then in the next breath: “Government u-turn: only one million bad things will happen”.

    By announcing April/May now, they can claim credit for when pubs actually open in March. Clocks go forward on 28th March; I can’t see people staying cooped up at home beyond that.

  20. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    “A new paper pushed by the lunatics at SAGE claims there will be 750 COVID deaths a day by October, if we emerge from lockdown over the summer, regardless of vaccination. ”

    It’s probably true. 40% of people will have a detectable (if you look hard enough) respiratory tract infection at their appointed time. In fact it’s probably more than that. Always has been and always will be.

  21. Couple of ideas above for pubs to supply alcohol without charging. Forget it. I’ve been prosecuted for doing that.
    We used to organise parties in a barn out in deepest Essex. Free bar. Optional contribution when arriving in the bucket. (Optional in the sense that not contributing means no invite to the next one. But still optional). But busted. It’s still purveying. Even if no-one had contributed, still purveying.
    The reason we got busted was we’d upset one of the local pubs. Big cheese with the LVA. Had some pull with the filth. Magistrates will just rubber stamp. Regarded us as pinching his punters. Asshole. Technically, even in your own home with your mates you can be nicked. Supplying alcohol without a license. Maybe you could get away with it if people brought their own bottles & poured for themselves. Maybe. Could cost you a lot of money to argue it.

  22. I’m not really interested in the pubs until it’s warm enough to use a beer garden. But will any beer gardens have survived?

  23. At least if you don’t wear a mask, people stay away. If you do wear a mask in a supermarket, you can feel the maskies breathing on you. I am fairly sure that mask wearing is a risk factor

  24. Our latest announcement was that the restrictions due to end yesterday will be extended indefinitely, no expiry dates anymore, despite improving numbers as now we need to protect the gains we have made so far. They really act like they have no intention of letting go of their nice new powers.

  25. “Maybe you could get away with it if people brought their own bottles & poured for themselves. ”

    Could you charge for the use of the premises? Entry fee on the door, people bring their own drinks, drinks limited to X cans/bottles each? Then if you leave the pub to get more supplies you have to pay another door fee to get back in. Bottled ale is £1-50 a pint, vs c.£4 in the pub, so if each punter is restricted to 4 bottles and pays a door fee of a tenner, he’s about square.

  26. My boiler’s on the blink, so I emailed my plumber this afternoon. He replied saying he’s gone bust due to the Covid lockdown stopping him working and slipping through the cracks of any government support. Sod the pubs, I want a warm house!

  27. Dear Mr Worstall

    So our beloved government™ (PBUI) believes that covid99/corona20/corony21 can tell whether you have been drinking in a pub or a restaurant and may decide to infect you, but if it knows you drink at home, even with a meal, it will let you off?

    Some virus.


  28. Dear Mr Worstall

    I’ve been plotting ONS England and Wales all-cause mortality weekly deaths by age group since the early days of the Great Hysteria.

    Latest E&W ONS death data to 2021 week 3 (Friday 22 January) is at:[email protected]/50902249733/in/dateposted-public/

    It is worth noting that whilst OBG™ trumpets the daily covid death toll, it doesn’t declare all-cause deaths until 11 days after a weekly tally.

    Daily deaths are not available.

    I wonder why not?


  29. What happened is that I copied the lyrics over, of course. But the site that posts them makes sure to misspell the authors’ name in order to get around copyright…..

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