Could possibly be so

But a London-based reverend was criticised for “unacceptable, insensitive, and ill-judged” behaviour after criticising Captain Tom on social media in remarks which have prompted an internal investigation.

In a now-deleted tweet which sparked a fierce backlash, Jarel Robinson-Brown, 29, wrote: “The cult of Captain Tom is a cult of White British Nationalism. I will offer prayers for the repose of his kind and generous soul, but I will not be joining the ‘National Clap’.”

But here’s the thing:

is being investigated by Church of England officials.

The CoE is rather supposed to be the voice of that British nationalism……

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  1. And also by the police, the Torygraph suggests (without providing any details). Country becomes more like E. Germany every day.
    What the CofE is supposed to be I haven’t a clue. But it’s certainly achieved irrelevant.

  2. The cult of Captain Tom is indeed a peculiarly British combination of sentimentality and missing the point but talking about white nationalism is just leftist wibble. The only reason you’d make l it about race is if you were a particularly bitter racist.

  3. I’m sure Captain Tom would be glad that the country he fought for, and that his comrades died for, has been handed over to people like Reverend Robinson-Brown.

    BTW, when did double-barrel names become a black thing?

    ” What the CofE is supposed to be I haven’t a clue. ”

    You’re not the only one. Why do you think nobody goes to church any more?

  4. It’s possible to both respect Captain Tom and think that the national clap for him was an embarrassing, cringeworthy idea.

    Isn’t it? Or have the lunatics really taken over the asylum?

    The moment such public displays of solidarity become mandatory, we prove we are no better than North Korea.

  5. But it is interesting to note that similar cults have not built up around all the 100 year old non-white veterans who walked around their gardens raising money for charity.

  6. Jonathan: ’ BTW, when did double-barrel names become a black thing?’
    JuliaM: I think it means mum can narrow it down to two possibilities…

    Harsh JuliaM, but having the benefit of being funny at least.

    I can kind of understand this sort of race grifting reverend emerging from the slums of Detroit or Chicago, but it’s a bit off-kilter coming from a woke, middle-class PoC from London. Sure, he’ll get his spot on Auntie Beeb for now, but I hope this twaddle isn’t catching.

  7. national clap – sounds like a good euphemism.

    Incidently, I recently just watched one of the best films I think i’ve ever seen. – Only old men are going into battle. Russian,colourised. Absolutely Over brimming with patriotism but also with humanity, humour and love, and death- it’s no PR job for war.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m with aaa. Deep respect for getting round his garden 100 times, it obviously took some guts and drive, that it raised £30m or whatever the final sum is also impressive, I even made a donation.

    But I’ll be fucked if I’ll join the other clapping seals. I blame Tony Blair for all this public emoting, it’s cringeworthy.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    We let people into the country who hate us and then we’re surprised when they hate us? Deport him.

    Hallowed Be February 5, 2021 at 9:49 am – “Russian,colourised. Absolutely Over brimming with patriotism but also with humanity, humour and love, and death- it’s no PR job for war.”

    They rape every Polish woman in sight? If not, PR

  10. When I last looked,he had issued a non apology which made matters worse and then deleted his account.

    Fool. One can get away with a lot in the CofE these days, but such overt racism is a bit trop, even for the idiots that run it nowadays. He’ll be a bishop soon though, just look out for him.

  11. SMFS- ok touché, its a PR job, mainly joining the airservice in wartime, which i always thought the best option anyway. If you live, and aren’t captured, you get to sleep in your own bed.

  12. Equally important and disturbing is that the Telegraph describe the prick in question as “a reverend” rather than “a vicar” or similar. Fucking illiterates.

  13. There was a cringeworthy tv ad (I’m pleased to say I have no idea what it was for) where a series of bright young things parroted their self-centred lockdown misdemeanours. One stated “I didn’t donate to Captain Tom” and was greeted with pantomime style gasps of horror, before righteously continuing that he had done something even more woke. It was nauseating.

  14. Dellingpole has it right.

    All credit to Captain T –a fine fellow but used by that scumbag Bogus Johnson.

    One more score to settle with the fat motherfucker.

  15. What is that TV show where Alan Sugar torments wannabe executives? Anyway, there was an ad that was absolutely cram full of stupid green wibble, it featured a logo at the end, and a name, but I was left with no clue as to what the ad was for. My wife watches the Sugar thing and commented that, when he charged them with the task of making TV ads, the number one cardinal sin was not telling the audience what the product is.

  16. Anyway, who else used to walk around his garden ?
    Albert Speer !
    So, there you are then ! Proof of something or other if ever there was any

  17. Isn’t the annual NHS cost to the taxpayer between 20-40% of all the taxes collected and isn’t that enough? Sir Tom could’ve campaigned for some non-cult cause, veterans young and old for instance.

  18. HB, that film seemed so familiar, turns out it was shown on Finnish TV on 28th May 1976 so I’ve probably seen it. 1970’s was a golden age for Soviet films in Finland, I especially remember the Sannikov Land (1973) in which some explorers find a lost primitive tribe living on an island.

  19. @Hallowed Be

    I’ve watched a few of those Russian war films. generally not bad but as you say, the patriotism is bellowed at you along with stirring music and sentimentality. Certainly haven’t reached the cynical level of PC wokishness of the west.

    I’m awaiting a film where a black trans soldier in a wheelchair leads the charge up Omaha beach only to find that an evil neoliberal industrialist has supplied him/her/xe with duff ammo.

  20. “leads the charge up Omaha beach only to find that an evil neoliberal industrialist has supplied him/her/xe with duff ammo.”

    By Hollywood standards that’s a decent approximation to what happened. But the industrialist was actually the US Navy which launched the “swimming tanks” from so far offshore that the damn things nearly all sank, leaving the poor bloody infantry with no armoured support. The industrialist’s assistant was the USAAF which cocked up its bombing so that the PBI had no bomb craters to take shelter in.

  21. Sure, saw Solaris at the time on TV, and also like the book and film Derzu Uzala although that is co-production with the japanese but based in Siberia.

    Yep, it wasn’t just John Ford and Pippi Longstrumpa/karlson pa taket on TV.

  22. …when did double-barrel names become a black thing? Probably with that other race-baiting grifter Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

  23. Jussi and Andrew C- i’ll keep an eye out for more. Yeah as well as the patriotism there’s sentimentality. Probably why i took to the film so much was down to the surprise that i liked that too. Somehow emotions were still genuine rather than coming across as sacharine and hammy.

    Hard to recreate in a modern context.

  24. There’s a little amusement in the knowledge that there are some actual African Anglican priest types of a no-nonsense, no-nonce, fire-breathing, proper God-bothering variety who would bitch-slap this useless prick up and down the street for his useless prickdom.

  25. . . . turns out it was shown on Finnish TV on 28th May 1976 . . .

    A patriotic Russian war film not getting a lot of repeats on Finnish TV?

  26. “Only old men are going into battle” – i know weird title.

    It’s free to watch on Amazon Prime in the UK if that helps anyone. It helps me, at least.

  27. @Hallowed Be

    Just to warn you, Solaris isn’t a war film. It’s a bit of a headfuck.

    Sci-fi in which a psychologist sent to find out what’s been going on on an orbiting space station finds some weird things, including the appearance of his wife, who died 10 years earlier.

    George Clooney starred in a not-bad English language re-make.

  28. PJF, 70’s was the golden age in Finland for Soviet films, Polish TV series and East German comprehensive shool reform (in with the DDR school system, out with the grammar schools). The east german sandmann, Polish Janosik, etc, but we also the the French Tiger Brigade. Some of them were really good.

  29. Jonathan, I’ve seen it, 80’s movie isn’t it? Quite similar to 80’s Unknown Soldier, which is on that Military Channel, in style IIRC.

    But I would recommend Rukajarventie (Ambush) 1999 if you haven’t seen that yet.


  30. Jussi

    Ha ! Sandmann defected and has become a lickspittle running dog of the Capitalist/Imperialist West.

  31. The rumour (or myth) is during the winter war in Ostrobothnia they had to tie young men up to the trees so they wouldn’t go and kill the russkies without a military plan first.

  32. Jussi, yes it’s an ’80’s film. Over 3 hours though!

    Rukajarventie looks good, I’ll check it out. Thanks.

  33. . . . 70’s was the golden age in Finland for Soviet films, Polish TV series and East German comprehensive shool reform . . .

    Swastika guilt?

  34. PJF, no, just The Stalinist youth in the unis, self sensoring and the overall Soviet hold of the country (for instance the conservative party was kept out from any coalition government because Moscow wouldn’t have liked it), these Stalinists are now with the current Green Party or Social Democrats.

    Just check out the current Finnish cabinet ministers, you could call it a tampon government…


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