Fairly glaring expose of democracy

Offering student debt abolition for Black students is the right thing to do, both morally and politically. Politically, because Biden owes his victory to Black voters, and should offer them something concrete in return for their loyalty.

The system’s about buying votes with other peoples’ money, d’ye see?

23 thoughts on “Fairly glaring expose of democracy”

  1. Lightweight stuff. Biden should break up those big white-owned farms and ranches, and give them to the ghetto-dwellers.

  2. If you wanted to increase racial tensions, I can’t think of a more sure fire way of doing it.
    Maybe that’s the purpose? Create a race war. Do they not realise it’s one the blacks would lose?
    Still, the Dems were always big in KKK Land. Maybe it’s a cunning plan

  3. I think when Martin Luther King “had a dream” it was that no one would care about the colour of a person’s skin.

    Now that seems to be the only thing that the left cares about.

  4. @BiW
    Maybe Biden’s secretly the Grande Poobah or whatever. Didn’t he have connections back in his unexplored past? Good for a conspiracy theory, anyway. Someone should mention it to QAnon.

  5. Black people are about to get yet another reminder of how low they rank on the Dems priorities. Why waste money when they’re going to support you anyway?

  6. Politically, because Biden owes his victory to Black voters

    Haha, no. Black vote counters, otoh, came through big time for Captain Shitpants with all their Third World magic vote shenanigans.

    Black people are about to get yet another reminder of how low they rank on the Dems priorities.

    Exactly. They’ll be lucky to get some clumsy pandering – put a black woman on the $20, for example – while the Dems hasten their decline into demographic irrelevance by importing a more biddable
    (they think) servant class from south of the Rio Grande and destroy their standard of living for “the environment”.

    Red Injuns who were given beads and cholera blankets got a better deal.

    Then, of course, they have loads of fun defining who is black.

    I is black, and so can you. Race is a social construct, after all. Since it’s an established scientific fact that Carrie is a stunning and brave woman because ze says so, my unironic appreciation of menthol cigarettes and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is evidence enough of my blackinessence.

    And whatcha gonna do
    When there aint no where to hide (tell me what)
    When judgment comes for you (’cause it’s gonna come for you)

  7. The Conservative Party has never given me a bent farthing. Izit coz i’s white?

    @Roué le Jour – If Shaun King aka Talcum X “Da whitest nigga der ever woz” can achieve trans-blackness by convenient hair/beard styling and vocal parrotry, then you can too. You just need to have the confidence of Attila the Hun and fake it ’til you make it.

  8. Bloke in Wales, you may be on to something. Ursula Von der Leyen is descended from the Ladson family who once owned 200 slaves….

  9. Bloke reading Sun Tzu

    Ursula Von der Leyen is descended from the Ladson family who once owned 200 slaves….

    On the grounds that I want the EU to implode sooner rather than later, I’d prefer von der Lyin’ to remain where she is!

  10. Such a policy would win few black votes though — and quite likely repel those who paid their loans honestly.

    But it would alienate every other minority group against the Dems.

    I think it’s a great policy.

  11. BlockeInTejasWithElectricityAndAWorkingWell

    The grand problem is that the amount of stuff of substance that the Grauniad can find to publish is essentially zero; but since they need the clicks to make their advertisers think they’re getting value for money, they get offered – and probably seek – useless, shallow crap like this from a fuckwit who stiles himself a political strategist. He’s not a political strategist. He’s a useless stinking pile of merde.

    But the problem is that other people read this crap; and there are a sufficiently large number who already believe this sort of crap, and so they get reinforcement in their views. Instead of reading something which touches at least on reality, causing them to perhaps begin to realise that this sort of crap is evil divisive crap that does their cause – if we step aside, and assume for a moment that in their puny little hearts beats a misguided but sincere wish to do good for other folk – no good whatsoever.

    Bribing and the promise of goodies is best done before the act, not after, when the bribers already have what they want.

  12. Yes, and how much of his campaign money came from Wall Street? Hollywood? Silicon Valley? Lobbyists for China and Iran?

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