Fairly harsh

Moradi posted online a description of his client’s death, saying she was waiting in line behind 16 men and was forced to watch as they were hanged.

Before her turn came she collapsed with an apparent heart attack and appeared to be dead. However, according to Moradi, she was hanged anyway so that her husband’s mother could exercise her right to kick away the chair from under her.

Hanging the dead body doesn’t make any difference of course. It’s the “kick the chair away” bit. That means that it’s short drop hanging, not long drop. That is, strangulation, 10 to 20 minutes per person. 16 of them, that’s a 5 hour queue……

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  1. “If anyone had asked, what the worker really needed was a second bit of rope…”

    If the process is that protracted, they surely hang them all up together, and come back later to tidy? Or are western sanctions that effective!

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    She killed her husband? Can’t say I am fussed. Better than her getting the thanks of the Guardian reading class as she probably would here.

    Five hours? Only if they have one rope. I doubt the 20 minutes thing too. The American Army imported an expert to do German War Criminals. He seems to have made sure Keitel and Jodl didn’t go quickly. Neither of them lasted 20 minutes.

    This one is a woman. The neck is not very strong. Women’s necks in particular have little muscle mass. Their bodies have a lot of fat or at least more fat than men. It is fairly likely even the short drop would rip her head off.

    The last witnessed execution in Britain, if I remember correctly, resulted in a bunch of journalists being sprayed. So they did them in private after that.

  3. It is usual practice in a short drop for the excutioner to pull the victim’s legs so that the neck breaks. Unless of course one wants them to suffer ( Nazis tended to do this to partisans). Highwaymen in England were usually strangled by their hanging to set an example, also in London it was the rule that any victim had to be left hanging for at least an hour after execution ( ie gibbetted) even when proper scaffolds were introduced. Much of this is in Albert Pierrepoint’s memoirs.

  4. Dennis, You Know... The Rational One

    This is the country Joe Biden and the Democrats want to snuggle up to.

    Because of Iran’s – and their own – moral superiority, of course.

  5. Dennis, Dragger of Knuckles

    You’re talking about Master Sergeant Joseph C. Woods, who got the job as Army executioner by lying to the Army about being an assistant hangman in civilian life before the war. The Army already had grave doubts about Woods’ competence prior to the Nuremberg hangings, but retained him at the post as there were no other qualified candidates. He ended up (accidentally) using the short-drop method at Nuremberg, with the sort of results one gets with the short drop method.

  6. It says her husband worked for Iranian intelligence so that could be why she had to be seen to suffer, whether or not she was dead.

  7. Capital punishment is social hygiene.
    And, with scientific evidential protocols, a vanishingly small number of wrongful convictions.
    What’s not to like?

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Ottokring February 23, 2021 at 12:15 pm – “It is usual practice in a short drop for the excutioner to pull the victim’s legs so that the neck breaks.”

    Surely you pull the legs so that they strangle faster. It is hard to see how you could break the neck that way without running the risk of ripping off the head.

    Dennis, You Know… The Rational One February 23, 2021 at 12:24 pm – “Because of Iran’s – and their own – moral superiority, of course.”

    Iran actually punishes criminals. So they have that much more moral superiority over the West.

    PJF February 23, 2021 at 12:28 pm – “His hangman, a volunteer G.I., was an incompetent fraud.”

    You all have a much nicer interpretation of that than I do. Incompetent? Some 17 million people available and the US Army couldn’t find someone to do it properly? Hmm.

  9. The whole idea of abolishing the empire is that the wogs get to do it their way. They don’t have to imitate us.

    The Iranians like to hang people. The only thing we have to remember is don’t go to Iran.

  10. Woods also botched the executions of US soldiers. Five years later, still in the army, he electrocuted himself botching a lighting rig. He was undoubtedly incompetent; maybe he was a deliberate choice for offing the Nazis slowly, but it could just as easily been botched in the opposite direction.

  11. ‘Incompetent? Some 17 million people available and the US Army couldn’t find someone to do it properly?’

    SMFS: My experience of government (indeed of organisations) means I usually assume incompetence. But I’ll concede that that’s not always the case.

  12. Maybe she was a murderer. But given the RoP’s sanction for using violence on woman and their religious crap “justice” system she may indeed have been a victim of violence who had enough and hit back a little too successfully.

    If she is to be taken as a murderess then we should see the evidence before rushing to judgement.

    And Theo’s liking for calling other people “fascist” should be seen in the light of his gloating, sweaty little contribution above.

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