For me and mine but not for thee

It was unfortunate that a could of my trolls turned up to seek to close down free speech amongst the commentators. There was much-annoyed reaction to their fascist attempts to close down free speech.

To speak is to violate free speech…..

16 thoughts on “For me and mine but not for thee”

  1. @Rowdy

    No, he doesn’t.

    One of his YouTube videos has the title “Why we don’t need to pay for Covid, becasue we already have”


  2. A could of trolls? Is that like a murder of crows?

    All this indignation he’s got going there but isn’t he the one who bans/blocks from his site anyone who he doesn’t like or who disagrees with him?

  3. Talking of YouTube videos, while dogs skateboarding and vacuous girls painting their nails get millions of views, Spud is churning out videos that get viewers in the hundreds.

    The snappily titled “Why large companies are macroeconomic entities” attracted a world wide audience of 189. “We need one set of accounts for a company” has had 147 viewers.

    I did suggest he consider recording his videos whilst skateboarding but he didn’t publish my suggestion.

  4. Richard Murphy says:
    February 26 2021 at 8:57 am

    I have fairly presented their data

    It does not say what you are suggesting

    It says second diesel are required fir effectiveness

    Take it up with them, not me

    Second diesel? Anyone?

  5. Come on, guys.. Be fair to the eejit:

    ‘Second dose’, surely?

    And if that, he has not fairly represented the data. First dose only is remarkably effective.

    But then…

  6. We need one set of accounts for a company”

    Is this the day when we don’t need country-by-country reporting? Or are the 2 things somehow compatible in Potato World?

  7. @ Diogenes
    This sounds a bit like weaponising the set of accounts: the first one I picked up is 337 (admittedly the second only 198) pages long. Add in CBCR and his “sustainable accounts” and “Fair Tax Mark” information and whatever he thinks of next and they will be so heavy that you can kill someone by dropping them on his head.

  8. “they will be so heavy that you can kill someone by dropping them on his head.”

    Can we test that theory on Spud?

  9. ‘Second dose’, surely?

    I confess I didn’t get that before you pointed it out. Even with autocorrect I don’t see how you get from ‘dose’ to ‘diesel’, unless you’re typing with your face.

  10. Given his love for trains as shown by the model train set he could be referring to a second Diesel engine being required

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