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For what?

But I am going to take what I can. This was a serious speech that explicitly argued, as I do, that there is no ‘state right / market wrong’ (or vice versa) dichotomy. There is, instead, always going to be a mixed economy.

Sure, there’s a reason we have government. Because it’s better at some things than not having a government is. Everyone but the anarchists agrees with that.

We also use markets because there are things that markets are better at than non-markets. Everyone except Pol Pot agrees with that.

Therefore we’re always going to have a mixed economy, sure.

The big question being, well, what is it that government is better at, what markets?

HS2 does not indicate that government is better at planning transport for example…..the ethanol mandate that it’s better at greenery…..

9 thoughts on “For what?”

  1. That’s the very first pontification by Spud I’ve read through just the once – and it almost made sense!
    And only three ‘Is’ in three sentences! Is the man mellowing?

  2. The very fortunate thing is that man has ten digits and thereby can fully count the number of activities that government can do better.

  3. Greenery is a religion. But the scammers that support it do their best to seize the power of the government to cram it down our throats.

    Of course they have it easy in Oz, since the only apex predator other than man is the crocodile. Have I mentioned before how much I detest the Greens stopping us shooting the damn things, as we used to in the good old days.

  4. “There’s a reason we have government. Because it’s better at some things than not having a government is”

    Right now, I’m struggling to get my head round this claim…

  5. Waiting lists: half a million court cases, 1.5 million for NHS
    Delays: 6 months for new style PHE, 2 years Crossrail, 10 years HS2, 12 years constituency boundaries, 15 years Hinckley Point C
    Abandoned: education reform, nuclear plants Sizewell & Wylffa, defence procurement reform, Lords reform, NHS computer, reforms to civil service, justice, prison building, immigration and local government; reservoir construction CHP plants, small nuclear & Thorium research.

    Full steam ahead: windmills, polar bears, “smart” meters and motorways.

    yes, some things are necessary goverment monompolies. See one, see a FU.

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