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Had to be eh, just had to be

Heating Arctic may be to blame for snowstorms in Texas, scientists argue

Tomorrow, declining erectile function in men blamed on dicks going limp in the heat.

12 thoughts on “Had to be eh, just had to be”

  1. The good thing about blaming it on the Arctic is that there are no thermometers there so nobody really knows anything. That’s climate science for you

  2. ‘declining erectile function in men blamed on dicks going limp in the heat.’

    Thanks Tim. I wondered what was causing it!!

  3. Broke: 80’s televangelists claiming AIDS is God’s divine wrath on bummers

    Woke: 20’s scientists claiming cold weather is Gaia’s divine wrath on Texians

  4. “The good thing about blaming it on the Arctic is that there are no thermometers there so nobody really knows anything.”

    The ice persistently refusing to melt is a bit of a clue. The arctic has been predicted to be ice free in five years time since the 1990s.

    A big clue that climate alarmism is nonsense is that these predictions, and there have been hundreds, never come true. Science is very good at predicting things normally, but you do have to do it properly for it to work.

  5. @JG: So, they’re saying “It’s colder, because it’s warmer”.

    Aye, but it’s cooling so fast, the ice is still warm…..H/T The Good Doctor

  6. We’re at stage 5 of Langmuir’s laws of bad science, so beloved of John Brignell.

    5. Criticisms are met by ad hoc excuses thought up on the spur of the moment.

  7. Ahhh yes trying to think how often I’ve heard about melting ice making northern shipping routes feasible year round.
    Did read something awhile back that the Inuit spread from west to east was due to melting ice allowing a greater range for whales which they hunted, until the little ice age came along that is.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    And in related news:

    Germany’s capital Berlin was forced to replace some of its electric buses with diesel buses due to range problems associated with the cold weather.

    According to internal memos provided to the Berliner Morgenpost daily, the very cold temperatures were too much for the electric buses’ batteries because so much power was needed for heating. A portion of the electric buses were substituted by diesel buses overnight because they no longer had enough power to complete their planned routes.

    BVG spokeswoman Petra Nelken confirmed that the twelve-meter-long Solaris e-bus was not able to cope well with the cold. “According to the procurement contract and the specifications, they are supposed to be able to drive 130 kilometers even at minus 10 degrees Celsius, but not all of them made it,” she said.

    Its not like fucking cold temperatures are unknown in that part of the world.

    And that will have reduced the life of the batteries as well. I’ll bet the didn’t include that in their cost benefit analysis.

  9. Running a (plug-in hybrid) eV myself, I’ve observed the range fall during the recent spell of chilly weather in the UK (chilly = day temperatures below 0°C). It’s not just the need to demist and heat the vehicle, greater use of headlamps etc during winter that hits electric range, it’s the fundamental physics of the batteries. Tesla try to get round this by heating their batteries in very cold temperatures, but guess where the energy to do so comes from?

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