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Idiot is idiot

P³ quotes:

This judgment does not give them ‘employee’ rights,

P³ goes on to claim:

But, third, and most likely the most expensive of all, is the fact that this shatters the claim that Uber has made that there is no contract between a customer and Uber when a customer travels in a Uber car. Uber has instead claimed that the contract is with the driver. However, if the driver is a Uber employee that becomes a meaningless claim.

As P³ has just quoted, the court ruling is that Uber drivers are not employees……

1 thought on “Idiot is idiot”

  1. Interestingly, this classification of ‘worker’ (somewhere in between employee and self-employed) is a creation of the EU. Hopefully it can be got rid of.

    But as ever Spud misses the point. Suppose Uber asked all drivers using its app to wear a ‘Uber’ baseball cap and the courts decided that this factor made them employees. Would Uber shrug and say “oh well, they’re all employees now” or would they stop asking drivers to wear the cap?

    An Uber spokesman even said after the case that this only affected drivers driving in 2016 and that they had since changed their arrangements with drivers.

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