According to findings released on Monday, the prevalence of antibodies was 23% in the states of Lagos – which is home to more than 16 million people –

Up to now the country has recorded just 1,800 deaths from Covid

Measurement difficulties or just not very dangerous?

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  1. A bad flu shaped into a bogus pandemic. Prob by CCP as a means of weakening the West. Now that the Biden crime family have shown us how far/deep CCP cash and cash-based influence go.

    Very successful scam.

    And no bollocks about “its not flu”. It has the killing power of a bad flu at worst once all the lying casedemic bullshit is removed. Like the supposed 120,000 UK deaths. Well 120 thou people have died in the time frame. Most old/ill ,quite a number from ord flu as every year. Which has not gone away whatever official liars tell you. Just been added to c19 figs as I said it would be last summer. And of course the re-labelling of ordinary everyday deaths as covid via PCR bullshit tests.

  2. There will be in addition many who are immune from cross immunity and with T cell immunity. The antibodies fade away with time, the ability to rapidly produce them doesn’t.

  3. Maybe they only tested the ill and didn’t amplify the PCR to levels where it can detect whether anyone in the surrouns sneezed.

  4. Question for the inevitable experts here.

    Many Africans have immunity to malaria, due to malformed red corpuscles. This also gives them the risk of catching sickle-cell anaemia. This deformity means that the bacteria can’t “get a grip” and infect the corpuscle. Would this factor also mitigate against viruses ?

  5. The average life expectancy in Nigeria is 55, so elderly people are lucky enough to die of something else well before they are exposed to the risk of Covid in their late 1970s.

  6. A lot of factors noted here could all be involved. Although I’d note the article said “deaths from Covid”, in the U.S. we’re counting “deaths with Covid” so that’s a wee bit different.

  7. You don’t “catch” sickle cell. It’s two copies of the gene that gives the malaria immunity. Entirely genetic. As to not getting virii, interesting question…..

  8. @ Ottokring: No, it doesn’t.

    The malformed red blood cells ( which is sickle cell anemia) form, for various reasons, a poor breeding ground for the malaria parasite.
    The CoVid virus works differently and attaches to a receptor in your lungs.
    Completely different mechanism, species, clade, and whatever.

    The most likely reason CoVid doesn’t “rage” in that bit of Afrika is A) climate, b) average age, c)people used to …slightly less sterile… living conditions, with the resultant rather robust immune system. d)No-one bothers to test the poor….

  9. Pendant’s Corner

    Alright “developing” not “catching”. The corpuscles are so deformed that they can no longer carry oxygen.

  10. Basic error in assumptions about the elderly in African or other low life expectancy countries.
    Due to conditions they get “old” at a younger age.
    They can suffer from the diseases of old age at a younger chronological age, in a reverse of ” your 60’s are the new 40’s in the west”

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