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It is to giggles

Hal Holbrook obituary
Actor best known for his acclaimed portrayal of Mark Twain and a memorable turn as Deep Throat in All the President’s Men

Which is what all the obits – I’ve seen anyway – say. And they all use piccies from the Clint Eastwood movie, one of the Dirty Harry series. In the Telegraph obit they don’t even mention he was in the movie while still using that pic.

15 thoughts on “It is to giggles”

  1. Lazy journos.

    The Fog also. The original Carpenter version.

    Fletch Lives was 1989. Christ doesn’t time fly.

  2. Um, the Telegraph does mention it – “…the bent cop in the 1973 Dirty Harry Sequel magnum Force.” Which is the one with David Soul, I think, although why I’d remember that I have no idea.

  3. Napsjam

    It has the training ground duel between Callahan and oneof the patrol cops, that Harry had won for the last 175 years. I liked Magnum Force, despite a few weak bits, but it is not as good as Dirty Harry.
    Off the top of my head I can also think of Midway, Capricorn One, The Fog, Creepshow, North and South ( various portrayals of Lincoln) and regular appearences in NCIS or Law and Order etc.

  4. Otto, yes: the decline of Dirty Harry: 1, 2 and 3 in descending order, till 3 is pretty piss-poor. The training ground bit where Harry shoots a civilian target is good stuff. Tim Matheson, too. I think this was before CHiPS, so an early excursion for motorbike cops in jodhpurs and aviation shades.

    Holbrooke was basically in everything for 20 or even 30 years. I’m surprised he wasn’t the Mayor in Jaws: there must have been a handful of them doing distinguished but with the acting ability to do potentially corrupt too.

  5. David Soul of Starsky and Hutch fame later of course as one of the motorbike cops…..thankfully they didn’t let him sing.

  6. thankfully they didn’t let him sing

    Though David Soul is superior to Clint in that one regard – I offer you Paint My Wagon as proof.

  7. I can’t watch The Enforcer (Harry III). Not sure if it is because or despite Tyne Daly in her prototype feisty New York cop role that she revives in Hagney and Slagney.
    The later Harry films such as Dead Pool and Sudden Impact are generally terrible and especially spoilt by Sondra Locke, but if one skips the bits with her in and just watch the mayhem, they can be quite fun.
    We had Capricorn One as our Xmas film at school. Normally it was a James Bond flick. Really enjoyed it, specially retrospectively cos it has OJ Simpson in it.

  8. Ottokring–Dead Pool was slightly noteworthy because of a cameo appearance –in the funeral scene ironically– by the original “Life Extension” duo of Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw.

    The Magnum Force 4 cops went on to reasonable careers. David Soul to Starsky etc. Robert Urich to tv movies and Robert B Parkers Spenser PI on TV in “Spenser for Hire” He died early of cancer. Tim Matheson went on to be the bad guy in the original “Fletch” movie. The 4th bloke’s name I cant recall and cant be bothered searching for but he had a career in TV supporting roles I believe.

  9. Robert Urich was in Soap and Vega$ which also featured Tony Curtis. I remember him dying quite young and thinking what a waste it was.

  10. “…thankfully they didn’t let him sing.”

    David Soul actually started his showbiz career as a singer before moving into acting.

  11. Dennis, The Pauline Kael of Central Ohio

    I can’t watch The Enforcer (Harry III). Not sure if it is because or despite Tyne Daly in her prototype feisty New York cop role that she revives in Hagney and Slagney.

    That was the film that proved Clint Eastwood was going to be a great director. Tyne Daly stole that film and Clint Eastwood let her… Because he knew it would be a better film with her up front giving the performance she gave.

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