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Foreign doctors are prescribing powerful sex change hormones to 15-year-olds in England without their parents’ involvement, a Telegraph investigation has found.

GenderGP, an online transgender healthcare services clinic, uses a legal loophole to flout NHS rules to issue valid prescriptions which can then be used to obtain the medication from pharmacies in Britain.

6 October 2020:

The Times has discovered that an online pharmacy, Clear Chemist, has been selling hormone treatments to ‘trans children’ on the internet and that this medication is being prescribed by GenderGP, the clinic originally founded by Helen Webberley.

4 thoughts on “Journamalism”

  1. I know the post is about journalism but I wonder who is mad enough to insure these people due to the wave of professional negligence cases that can be expected down the line

  2. Well, thinking it was an exclusive got the story on the front page, so hopefully it helps getting these child abusers shut down.

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