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Look at ‘im!

ian says:
February 16 2021 at 8:59 am
Don’t worry – if the FRC won’t have a look at it i’m sure the ICAEW will.

I’ve sent a copy of this along with various other bits of Murphy’s made up accounting nonsense to them – along with examples of the abuse and bile he puts about this site in a wholly unprofessional manner.

Richard Murphy says:
February 16 2021 at 9:16 am
Feel free

The problem for you is that I am right on the accounting

And I think they know about my style

I am their #1 accountant on social media, two years in a row

10 thoughts on “Look at ‘im!”

  1. I don’t think appealing to the ICAEW will have any effect whatsoever. As a 50-year member of the institute I have seen it’s decline from an august, conservative body to an institutional woke-fest concerned far more with “sustainability” and “climate change” wibble instead of restricting itself to the maintenance of professional, education, ethics and standards. It’s just another outfit which has been delivered into the hands of the bureaucrats and timeservers (cf National Trust, Law Society etc etc).

  2. This is the same ICAEW that took action against the author of the Christie Malry blog when he criticised Ritchie. I wonder if Ritchie has something on the ICAEW?

  3. Umbongo: Sounds about the same as the professional society I still belong to, but I sometimes wonder why. Sadly it’s in an engineering field that you might think would be a bit immune to this.

  4. Those who seek advancemment within professional societies of any persuasion are not the folks who do the thing best, they are the ones who prefer politicking to working.

    And the same thing applies to experts giving advice to, for example, governments. They seek influence and are therefore not reliable. Only someone who already had a bee in his bonnet about some preferred issue would want such a job. It’s rather like the folks who apply to run children’s homes.

  5. Dennis, A Wog Or Not A Wog... That Is The Question

    I am their #1 accountant on social media, two years in a row

    This is the equivalent of standing outside the Ely Tesco in a bathrobe and bunny slippers, pestering anyone foolish enough come within fifteen feel of him.

  6. “I am their #1 accountant on social media, two years in a row”. Does the ICAEW really keep count of this or is this another example of the preening Murphy burnishing his own ego. He’ll be telling us he’s got an Onlyfans page next.

  7. “He’ll be telling us he’s got an Onlyfans page next.”

    He’s making a break from Rocco & going indy? The donkey going with him? I believe Polly has contract issues. Be a shame to see the trio break up. I may sell my shares in lubricant manufacturers

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