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My mates aren’t extremists

Let’s be clear: the government is right to note that we face an extremist threat. Fascism is growing in out society. Threats are commonplace. I have no time for them. They are utterly unacceptable, from wherever they come.

But let’s also be clear that as far as I can see the only left wing extremists that will be found are likely to be, in the government’s opinion, Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter. Both take action to affirm the right to live in freedom of fear.

In contrast, on the right what we are seeing is the active promotion of fear. Oppression of others is the stock-in-trade of the right.

Nice to see it so clearly put. Those who are my mates cannot be extremists because would I be mates with an extremist?

27 thoughts on “My mates aren’t extremists”

  1. Fascism is growing in out society.

    Imagine if we were all forced to endure dictatorial control over our lives and livelihoods and literally wear a muzzle in the name of “protecting” a state-run institution from the things it’s supposed to protect us from, and everybody clapped like retarded seals when they weren’t otherwise busy snitching on their neighbours.

  2. I think Billy Vunipola is the best person to talk about black lives matters.
    “What I saw in terms of that movement was not aligned with what I believe in. They were burning churches and Bibles. I can’t support that.

    “Even though I am a person of colour, I’m still more a person of, I guess, Jesus.”

    I hope he is thinking about a career in politics after he leaves rugby. He and Courtney Lawes could be the left’s worse nightmare.

  3. Bloke in China (Germany Province)

    But I thought the tories were fascists*?

    How does he expect fascists to stop fascists?

    *: Incidentally, this does appear to be true now, though for Steve’s reasons, not Ritcthie’s.

  4. David, “I hope he is thinking about a career in politics after he leaves rugby. He and Courtney Lawes could be the left’s worse nightmare”.

    Billy, yes. From what I’ve heard, though, Courtney’s boots are labelled L and R. And if you tell him I said this, I’ll deny it.

  5. So he considers BLM and Extinction Rebellion, both of whom use actual violence to obtain their objectives, to be the good guys?

    It’s always nice when the enemies of Western Civilisation identify themselves.

  6. From what I’ve heard, though, Courtney’s boots are labelled L and R

    So David Lammy, Diane Abbot and most of the rest of the parliamentary labour party would still not have a chance in a battle of wits

  7. The only full blown fascist I’m aware of is a part time professor of practice in political economics lives in Ely. I can’t imagine what else describes what he preaches.

  8. ‘From what I’ve heard, though, Courtney’s boots are labelled L and R’

    I can go one better- I once saw a woman in a London pub wearing sandals and with L and R tattooed on the top of her feet. I hope that it wasn’t for practical reasons…

  9. From what I’ve heard, though, Courtney’s boots are labelled L and R.

    He seems to be able to string a tweet together better than any of his peers.

  10. I suspect the Government does not consider BLM and ER to be extremist. Perhaps not even antifa.

    Sorry about the racist accronyms.

  11. Apart from his absurd mischaracterisations of XR and BLM, he somehow forgot to mention the tens of thousands of loony anti-semites who follow Corbyn around like a cloud of files. Perhaps they want an absence of “fear of a Jewish world order”, or something.

  12. Blojob is only talking about leftist scum as a smokescreen so he can claim “balance” when he attacks free speech claiming it is “far right”.

    Nothing bad of any substance will happen to any leftist shite.

  13. “Threats are commonplace” – unless you are a middle-class Tory in a left-wing area, or a bright kid in a Comprehensive school, when it’s violence that is commonplace.

  14. PS – 10 years in prison if you lie about going on holiday to a government official now.

    Hey, remember when we were worried Britain would become an authoritarian socialist shithole under Jeremy Corbyn?

  15. Richard Murphy says:
    February 9 2021 at 1:47 pm

    You might, but that only shows how far to the right and lacking in objectivity you are

    I propose what. any a Tory government once supported. You know, things like decent public services and the rule of law when it comes to paying tax. You have a problem with that?

    LOL. “You have a problem with that?” A rhetorical question that inevitably precedes unprovoked violence.

  16. Meanwhile, Spud is showing that he knows nothing about company law, moaning that shareholder information is secret when it’s actually company law that anyone can ask to inspect shareholder registers providing they have a reason.

    He’s also moaning about Companies House dereliction of duty as they no longer publish shareholder addresses, when that change was forced on Companies House by the General Data protection Rules imposed by the EU.

  17. Never forget that we are all animals with base instincts at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter if you’re a journalist, an astrophysicist, or have four PhDs. You are still just as susceptible to blind loyalty, xenophobia and a lack of self-awareness as a ditch digger hanging out at a truck stop. And that ditch digger is just as capable of mastering those areas of development as anyone else. You can usually tell how well someone understands basic human psychology by whether or not they understand and embrace this concept. It explains why very successful people still cheat on their wives, end up in prison, or get involved in destructive political movements.

    Worstall himself wrote an article discussing how anyone, outside of his or her area of expertise, is “just as dumb as the next guy.”

  18. Eddie Butler in his preview of the Six Nations talking about rugby players as roles models described rugby as a sport that kept some people out of prison so he in the past he had found it hard to see them as role models, though his views had changed in recent years.

  19. “I propose.. …the rule of law when it comes to paying tax. You have a problem with that?”

    I certainly do when in fact you disregard the rule of law when it suits you and instead invoke the “spirit” of the law to counter anything you decide is “abuse”.

    Remind me about extremists again Richard.

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