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No, not really

Despite their name, the 17 minerals grouped under the rare earths label are not rare. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), they are roughly as common as copper. But, because rare earth ores oxidize quickly, extracting them is both difficult and extremely polluting.



It’s true that rare earth metals do oxidise pretty easily but the ores aren’t oxides and even if they were that wouldn;t be the reason they’re difficult to extract nor why that process would cause pollution.


2 thoughts on “No, not really”

  1. We are back to the Thorium!
    It was the radioactivity of this (which occurs in rare-earth deposits) that put an end to the US mining. China doesn’t care of course: indeed, since their mine is in a muslim area, they probably see it as an advantage.
    It’s so kind & humane to be green. Not.

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