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Not the important ones, no

20 years on from the foot and mouth disaster, have any lessons been learnt?

The correct lesson of that was “Do not listen to Ferguson” which is something that we haven’t learnt.

8 thoughts on “Not the important ones, no”

  1. A politicians’ answer – “Yes, mistakes were made, but lessons have been learned and we won’t make the same mistakes again”.
    Exactly right, next time they’ll make different ones.

  2. Little Blair tried to distract from the shambles by appointing Ferguson an OBE. That says plenty about Ferguson, Blair, and gongs.

  3. Be grateful for small mercies. It has not yet been proposed that everyone within 2 miles of a Covid case be slaughtered.

  4. A simple lesson would be to discount expert predictions. By somewhere between 10 (Asian flu) and 100 (SARS). If government policy was less draconian they would only count covid deaths as covid deaths if the virus was the primary cause, not a contribution to the demise of a sick person. That way we’d have Freguson divided by 20 or 50. And a functioning society.

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