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Oooooh! Cool!

So why does this please me? Because it suggests that civil society does have the legal capacity to challenge the government on the externalities it creates that impose a cost on society.

I’m part of civil society. P³ gaining funding imposes externalities upon society. So I get to see who is funding P³ and why?

2 thoughts on “Oooooh! Cool!”

  1. No, Tim, you are not part of “civil society” because that is comprised solely of Murphy, his small fan club and the very numerous sock puppets that they have invented in order to pretend that they are numerous. the other 99.9% of us are excluded from his definition of “civil society” as we are “guilty” of thoughtcrime.

  2. The judges have gone insane recently. The judgment in the prorogation case was either deliberately stupid or perverse and it was poorly argued. The Uber case seems to have been decided on personal prejudice rather than on a recognisable legal basis. And this judgment is meddlesome and poorly argued. It gives twats like the Soapy one the right to meddle and cause pointless fuss. It’s about time judges were forced to sit exams to demonstrate that they can construct coherent arguments.

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