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P³’s a bit late here, isn’t he?

On the Dasgupta Review:

That we are in the mess we are in is the fault of failed economics that has been accepted as truth by governments. The failure is ongoing. The UK government is a part of that failure.

There is no sign this morning that the UK intends to change behaviour as a consequence if this report. If they, and almost all other governments do not change though then we as a race are at threat of extinction, as is much else life in earth. This need not happen. We might still have a choice. But will we take the option to survive?

That will require a courageous state.

No, there’s no logical reason why fascism is required.

The Review insists that we’ve got to measure natural capital properly and incorporate it into national accounts. Like ONS is doing here and here.

We can only manage what we measure after all.

To put it into the jargon that the political economist won’t understand we need to target NNI not GDP.

Oh, and the fact that the UK government commissioned this report which shows us all how to do it really does show that the UK government is part of the failure, doesn’t it?

4 thoughts on “P³’s a bit late here, isn’t he?”

  1. What’s he moaning about? The government is borrowing and spending as if it has been converted to MMT and personal liberty has been suppressed as never before. The Plastic Tories even subscribe to the same green hair shirt bollocks (well for the proles only, obv).

  2. OK, I looked at the Dasgupta farrago.

    Here’s a clip:
    . We rely on Nature to provide us with food, water and shelter; to regulate our climate and control disease; to maintain nutrient cycles and oxygen production; and to provide us with spiritual ful filment and opportunities for recreation, among many other examples

    Don’t we do all that ship for ourselves, despite NATURE?

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