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Quite so Lover, quite so

I’m delighted to announce my partner has been struck with a short-term disability. She is pregnant. Which, in the capitalist utopia that is the US, is pretty much the same thing. It’s the only developed country without mandated paid maternity leave; in some states, however, short-term disability insurance covers your income for a few weeks while you recover from the miracle of birth.

You know what is really a miracle? The fact that anyone gives birth in the US at all. (And, in fact, not many people do: the birthrate has plummeted.) It doesn’t just have the worst parental leave in the rich world, it is also the most expensive country in which to have a baby.

And yet the birth rate in the US is higher than it is in Europe where all those freebies exist and tax pays for the baby…..

9 thoughts on “Quite so Lover, quite so”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The Guardian really excels itself – they found someone who is Asian, Muslim and a lesbian. Is that like a three-fer?

    This is the very definition of someone we do not reproducing. We should not be subsidising it.

  2. If you really want to save money, childbirth can be done without any professional medical attention. She has the choice of just how much she wants to pay unlike, for example, someone with bowel cancer

  3. Just show up in any ER, treatment cannot be denied. Millions of undocumented folk have already worked that out.

    Coincidentally that is the demographic largely responsible for the US’s still high birth rate.

  4. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    Translation: Gimme, gimme, gimme.

    This wasn’t an unplanned pregnancy and there is this thing in ‘Merica we septics call “private health insurance”. You buy it. You buy it before you have your planned pregnancy. Then the insurance company takes care of the bills. We don’t find it all that hard to master… but evidently it’s beyond the intellectual reach of a carpet munching wog.

    Oh well.

    I’m not sure that you’re required to be a moron to write for The Guardian, but it sure seems to help.

  5. Make Other People Pay For My Life Choices!

    And enough of this irrational fetish-ising of motherhood. Giving birth is not ‘a miracle’, given that millions of women do it every day.



  6. Author of the article is a blithering idiot. Birthrates plummet in places where women are wealthier, have jobs, are more-educated, and don’t usually marry young. i.e. the western developed world. Birthrates stay high in places where women are less-educated and get married young, usually for the express purpose of producing offspring.

    We septics may not have the guaranteed maternity leave and all the European-type welfare the Guardian thinks is the Gold Standard for the world, but that does not mean there’s no welfare in the US. Single mothers make more money popping out a kid (more than once) in the US than they do from working jobs at the lower end of the pay scale. And if you’re not working, you don’t need maternity leave. And if you’re here illegally, you can get all the medical care you want. There’s plenty of benefits in the US, just not Guardian-approved ones, I guess.

  7. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Such an awful country, why hasn’t she moved to one of the nice ones?

    The same reason as every other whining wog in ‘Merica: It’s a better place than the European, African, Asian or South American shithole they came from.

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