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Scary thought isn’t it?

The reallocation of private sector capital is my aim, under public direction.

14 thoughts on “Scary thought isn’t it?”

  1. He’s spent the last 12 months bashing the government for the way it has handled Covid-19 but now he expects them to rebuild an economy. Confused? Ridiculous? Deranged? I don’t know the best word to describe it. Just wait until he shoots a civil service directed porno with Polly and the ass

  2. The man is insane, frankly. At least his level of obnoxiousness means that no one will tolerate him long enough to allow him the power to put his ideas into practice.

  3. It would be funny to see if anyone could get him to explain how private capital under the control of the state is different from fascism.

  4. I tried asking, but all my sockpuppets have been blocked, so I don’t even get as far as a “That will be all, Goodbye!”

  5. @jgh surely using a fake email and name defeats whatever filtering he employs.I can’t be bothered to even try as i know i’ll end up calling him a cunt.

  6. In other words he wishes to steal my savings. He can fuck off!!

    Indeed. He is of the belief that all money belongs to the state and what you have is what the carajus state generously allows you to have. The man is truly vile.

  7. Dear Mr Worstall

    I am sure his charges will be quite modest: say 1.5% of all he administers.

    Would that make him a billionaire?

    If so he’ll be able to buy his own vermin.


  8. Under “public direction”?

    You mean, like the public choosing which private companies get more of their own money? Like, through real-time decisions? What if they made these decisions at the very moment they’re interested in purchasing or investing in something, so there isn’t a bunch of delay or some less qualified person taking that power away from them?

    Whoa, now that’s just crazy talk.

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