Someone’s going to have to tell the laddie

Without the Army, Prince Harry will have a gaping void in his life

The sort of hole that uxoriousness is supposed to fill. And if it doesn’t, well…..

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Someone should have told him the Golden Rule – bros before hoes. In any other circumstance that would be a sign of immaturity or something. Not sure what. People grow up, they meet the right person, they form a lasting bond. Or not for 50% of us.

    But this case is exceptional

    He should have stuck with his Army buddies no matter how good the Hot Crazy Bitch sex was.

  2. Harry won in court because the papers said things about him that are demonstrably untrue, so the press should be safe to point out his wife is a mental slapper with Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Incidentally tho, are emotional problems on the rise? Kinda feels like it what with the explosion of transgenderism, niche sexual identities, and other extreme, self-destructive behaviours in young people (inceldom or hypersexuality). Clownworld has always been at war with masculinity, but maybe we’ve overlooked how much it also deprecates femininity.

    What does modern culture have to offer girls, other than hollow social media fuelled narcissism and drama? Might help explain why girls LARP as boys. It’s not because there’s anything masculine about them, but because the version of femininity marketed to them is a funhouse mirror of painted whoredom – basically womanhood as imagined by drag queens – and not every lass is equipped to be an Apex Tart like Megs.

    The solution is, of course, lions.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I can’t help feeling, yet again, the big tragedy in Harry’s life, and now ours too, is that he didn’t do the right thing and get blown to bits in Afghanistan.

    A dead Royal Prince would have set the Royal Family up for years.

  4. He should have followed the old adage re people in his position… “If it floats, flies or fucks – rent it!”. Would have saved him and his family a lot of grief.

  5. From Henry’s link,

    Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove said at the start of December: “I certainly am not planning to introduce any vaccine passports, and I don’t know anyone else in government who is.”

    Lying cunt

    Tony Blair is one of those who has been pushing for the UK government to take a lead on the issue, suggesting last week the UK should take advantage of chairing the G7 and push for other countries to develop the documents.

    Pushed by Blair. Guaranteed to be the wrong thing, implemented badly with detrimental knock on effects no one in Government had foreseen. This would be one time the slippery slope would apply – sure, you already carry a Covid passport, why not include x, y and z also.

  6. If you can’t go out once you’ve been vaccinated because you might still be able to pass the virus on, what is the fucking point of a vaccine passport?

    I thought Harry’s gaping void was the result of too much pegging…

  7. what is the fucking point of a vaccine passport?

    Do not worry, the new internal passport will have other uses, haha

  8. MC, talking about vaccines and passports, a relative of mine works for several hospitals in Finland together with doctors and nurses. He doesn’t know ANYONE who would volunteer for the vaccine or take one, basically they’re all just waiting if not having one will stop them going abroad for holidays etc. They will take the vaccine if life without it becomes difficult.

  9. “This week’s High Court action demonstrates how deeply the Duke of Sussex still cares about the Armed Forces” this is demonstrately false. He cares so much that as Captain general of the marines he attended the Lion King premier to hustle for work for his wife rather than the annual Royal marine concert in deal as memorium of the 11 marines murdered by the IRA. the man’s a fraud.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset


    I can’t help feeling, yet again, the big tragedy in Harry’s life, and now ours too, is that he didn’t do the right thing and get blown to bits in Afghanistan.

    A dead Royal Prince would have set the Royal Family up for years.

    If that Aussie news organisation hadn’t leaked that he was in Afghanistan he may have got blown up. Instead he was whisked out pdq and repatriated on a MediVac flight where he saw first hand the care that some of those who had been blown up were going to need and resolved to do something.

    The upshot was the Invictus games and involvement in other charities for veterans, including mental health campaigns. He started to make a name for himself with the public and became quite popular. With his uncles and aunt getting on a bit there’s going to be quite a few Colonel-in-Chief and other honorary positions coming up. He could have built himself quite a nice career as the go to for military charities and ceremonial side of The Firm.

    Instead he blew himself up personally and professionally.

  11. Someone should tell him that if you fuck off to another country on the other side of the world you’re going to have real trouble trying to keep up with those duties which got you those ceremonial titles.

    Especially if you’re going to try some bullshit climate change grifting as your primary job.

    Doesn’t look good to us proles when the Inner Party fly off in private jets to pin a medal on a soldier 5,500 miles away while telling us we need to take the bus to work. Once President* Biden appoints his reality czar and stands up Mini-Tru then you can get away with it.

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