Strange place to find long lasting wood

Unique‘ petrified tree up to 20m years old found intact in Lesbos

4 thoughts on “Strange place to find long lasting wood”

  1. I was entertained to see that the tree was sub-tropical. Evidently we haven’t recovered from the last ice age yet.

  2. Well, perhaps not. In ancient times, the women of Lesbos had a bit of an ‘Essex girl’ reputation. It was only the poet Sappho and the (somewhat debatable) portrayal of her sexuality (centuries after her death) which eventually resulted in a bit of girl on girl action being labeled ‘lesbianism’.

    Maybe she was in both camps?

  3. Tropical, huh, and therefore evidence of climate change?

    Fuckwits, as 20 million years ago, what is now Lesbos was almost certainly south of where it is now, due to plate tectonics. If it was thousands of years ago, then maybe it was somewhere close.

    The UK, for example, had red deserts when it perambulated through the southern and northern desert belts in respectively the Devonian and Permo-Trias.

    What they didn’t tell you, of course, because it might raise a snigger, is that there are swarms of dykes on Lesbos. (or systems of sub-vertical igneous intrusions). Of course, the place may be infested with drinkers from the furry cup, but that’s not geology.

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