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That data that Ritchie was demanding

AS couple of days back we were told that the government was planning – undertaking – democide because they weren’t releasing the information about the effectiveness of the vaccines.

Vaccines appear to cut Covid transmissions and infections by two-thirds according to the first “real world data” examining their impact, The Telegraph can disclose.

Key data being handed to Boris Johnson as he finalises a roadmap out of lockdown shows that just one dose of either the Oxford or Pfizer vaccines has such an effect on all age groups.

Mr Johnson and his scientific advisers are expected to examine key findings showing the impact of the jabs on transmission, infection, hospitalisations and deaths.

That data is only just becoming available and so is only just being used.

Which leaves P³ with two options. Claim that it was only released because he demanded it or, possibly, claim that it’s not enough and the solution is MOAR TAX. We await his decision batedly, obviously…..

2 thoughts on “That data that Ritchie was demanding”

  1. Lies about lies.

    No 100 thou dead in this country from c19. The people died as people do and the fucks used PCR false positives to change the labels. As with the 10s of thousands of daily “infections”.

    Blojob’s lovely LD has killed 50-200 thousand and many of them will have been PCR tested post-mortem and counted among supposed virus dead by PCR false positive. Or perhaps even lying as PHE were caught out in last year.Insult added to injury.

    Blojerk was blubbering at the supposed 100 thousand mark because that can be put off as not really his fault because it’s a PANDEMIC” BS. Still bad news for him as the legions of leftist morons quoting the figure on Twitter hourly shows. But still not REALLY his fault because VIRUS.

    But 50-200,000 done in by his –optional–LD antics when he could have followed Camoron’s (God help us)far more sane plan–then those deaths are 100% down to Blojerk and the gang.

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