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The modern world

When 27-year-old Mauree Turner sat down at Holy Rollers, the queer-owned vegan Donut Shop in Oklahoma City in July 2020, it was under strange circumstances. First, Turner, who uses non-binary pronouns, had just won Oklahoma’s 88th district by a mere 228 votes. Second, sitting opposite, was the man they had just beaten.

There’s so much in that paragraph, isn’t there?

17 thoughts on “The modern world”

  1. I didn’t know Oklahoma had also sunk so low. I thought it was a sort of Texas but less affluent and more backward.

    I think I need to watch Hickok45’s YT-channel today and find some solace.

  2. @Jussi, it’s better to think of a city-country split rather than red-blue states, which way a state leans overall is a reflection on how big the cities are (I’ve seen it argued Georgia flipping could be due to the growth of Atlanta).

    On a related note, according to Instapundit, this is a document from the Los Angeles unified school district:,

  3. A total non-story from the Guardian, who just want to refer to non-binary lesbian black Muslim women. Nobody cares what happens in Oklahoma, the whole point is to read the description of her without fuss so you can congratulate yourself on how woke you are.

  4. Much tiresome and poisonous evil.

    All sexual weirds who align with socialist evil must pay for that crime.

    The mug she defeated was a Demorat anyway. So she has hijacked the place of a creep who might have provided leftist offal with a bogus respectability. And replaced him with an obvious Marxist scumbag. By 228 votes.

    I doubt Demorats are above cheating each other–esp Marxist infiltrators and foes of freedom.

  5. Politics is largely irrelevant when senile old men and TV personalities are presidents and a queer muslim activist is your councilwoman. It’s LARPing power.

  6. Strange circumstances? Sounds more like par for the course to me. At least, par for the course in the company that Groan readers keep.

  7. Democrat Mauree Turner on being boxed in by identity

    They’re the ones defining everything by “identity”; we’re the ones getting boxed in.

    “People have asked me to justify what it means to be Muslim and queer. I shouldn’t have to justify how I exist. That was really jarring for me – having to sit through a series of interviews where people ask you those probing and prodding questions continuously,” Turner adds.

    Silly bitch(es) should try this:

    Being thrown off a building can be “really jarring” too.

    “Muslim and queer” – fuck off.

  8. “Muslim and queer”….

    Ok , to be fair there’s the known fact of kiddie-fiddling/bumknighting priests/vicars/ministers who claim to be Christians without batting an eye.

    I do wonder how she’s going to manage Hajj with her ..unfortunate inclinations..
    Saudi’s are not really known for their liberal interpretation of the Words of the goatherding lunatic Prophet…

  9. One thing the last election showed was the huge difference in states with cities large enough to overshadow the rural vote, look at the massive swings from Trump to Biden as cities reported later than counties.
    BBC did a coloured by winner county map and if you looked at county level it was predominantly Trump but the clusters of Biden in cities was enough to tip the state vote. Seem to recall that even in New York State Trump won well over half the counties but Biden won NY city by enough to offset that easily.

  10. I imagine that is why the Democrats would like to do away with the Electoral College, the purpose of which, is to stop the “tyranny of the majority”.
    They may as well just rip up the Constitution while they’re at it.
    Anyone care to comment on the relative intelligence of those who originally drafted it compared to them that wants to change it?

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