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The reason Woody did it, must be so

You’ll never guess:

and a system that didn’t guarantee paid maternity leave

No, really, that’s the proof we have that he did it.

16 thoughts on “The reason Woody did it, must be so”

  1. Allen’s sexual involvement with Mia’s 20-year-old daughter Soon-Yi, an involvement that likely began when Soon-Yi was 16 years old.

    So it was Too Soon-Yi?

    Allen, in a sudden barrage of press conferences and interviews, argued in sum and substance: “Mia’s crazy!

    This is obviously true tho.

    Woody is also obviously a beady-eyed neurotic little pervert, but if he was a pedophile (or even an ebolaphile) he wouldn’t still be (apparently happily?) married to Soon Yi when she’s at the distinguished age of 50, would he?

  2. “writer-director whose most common themes were romances — predations, in today’s parlance”

    Says all you need to know about the writer of the article.

  3. Allen’s sexual involvement with Mia’s 20-year-old daughter Soon-Yi, an involvement that likely began when Soon-Yi was 16 years old.

    “likely began” ie there is zero evidence of this but I’ll assert it regardless.

    I have read Moses Farrow’s account before; I wonder if he was featured in this documentary? Clearly most of Farrow’s other poor kids have topped themselves.

  4. That’s all they have, they have to relitigate, over and over again, that unremembered moment. Hasn’t Freud been forgotten by real psychiatry! That whole primal scene thing is all these people have to cling to. I can’t remember it but it destroyed my life. It reminds me of AC Grayling and the bus. Till his dying day, he will be blathering about the bus

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Guaranteed paid maternity leave? And this in the “conservative” New York Post!

    It is proof of the claim that women are always on Team Woman. Even conservative ones. As with Melanie McDonagh at the Spectator – of all places – claiming DNA testing is wrong because it prevents women from choosing who gets to pay for her spawn:

  6. Allen’s supposed guilt in this matter has been thoroughly debunked .

    The son is a Farrowflake . Being in her family is not quite as bad as say Cher– who has a son who is a screaming Queen and a daughter who is a butch lezza- but it is a ticket to a hothouse for mental troubles of various kinds. The boy takes his mothers side and his account is a rehash of her debunked claims.

    Farrow herself is a serial family-wrecker and Previn’s wife Dory ended up getting electroshock therapy as a result of a breakdown after Farrow pinched her hubby.

  7. Farrow is quite obviously a nut, unsurprising given her history, but Woody Allen is obviously a creepy type whose only path to sexual success was his fame; a fame which is utterly baffling to me. His films, boosted by a sympathetic media, I find unfunny and predictably self regarding and neurotic in character. Rather like the man himself.

  8. Johnathon–that may well be true but he is provably NOT a kiddie fiddler. As far as I know Allen is not a sex nut and has had–“fame” based or not- a number of “relationships” but is hardly Warren Beatty.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    Woody Allen may be a creepy weirdo. Well he is. But that doesn’t mean he is guilty of anything or everything. It is not denying Hitler caused the Holocaust to say he probably had both testicles.

    See also Jimmy Savile who almost certainly was innocent.

    In fact I would say that Allen was less of a weirdo than Farrow which makes the claims likely to be fake.

  10. Mr Ecks, I’m not saying he’s a pedo – just a slightly creepy, probably socially awkward bloke who, like most men, is attracted to younger women.

    “.. but is hardly Warren Beatty.”

    Indeed. Men like Warren Beatty don’t – or very seldom – get accused of sexual harassment or rape because he’s attractive to women. Woody isn’t, so he does.

  11. Warren Beatty is 83. There aren’t any great womanizers left now. Plain bird sees attractive man surrounded by giggly attractive birds nowadays and she corners him in a lift and then accuses him of rape.

  12. Dennis, Satan's Editor-In-Chief

    If you watched Mahattan and weren’t completely creeped out, you need to look in the mirror.

    Allen is getting what he deserves. He left his wife for his wife’s teen-aged adopted daughter. If that doesn’t get you into Hell, I don’t know what will.

  13. ‘He left his wife for his wife’s teen-aged adopted daughter.’

    Must admit that was always my opinion Dennis, until I looked at Tims’ post and thought ‘That makes me curious. I’ll glance at some of the junk on the net and see what it says.’

    Now I incline to the view that Soon Yi was a cunning little bint with a whim of steel. Finding herself in a dysfunctional family with Mia as mother, she decided Woody was a weak wimp who’d make a splendid meal ticket.

    If you care to say that just proves I don’t have a clue I’ll certainly concede your point. I’m just glad I was never on a jury and had to decide one of these ‘he said, she said’ things for real.

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