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They’re not quite grasping it

They include senior members of the Northern Research Group (NRG), made up of dozens of MPs in former “Red Wall” seats, who suggest that a 1p-2p hike in fuel duty would be “bearable”, providing it enabled investment in left behind areas.

Yes, normal politics does mean “if we have tax rises we’ve more to spend on pet projects”.

We’re not in normal times now. You’ve already spent all the money and more. Now the scramble is to pay for what you’ve already spent. This is much less fun as you’re about to find out.

6 thoughts on “They’re not quite grasping it”

  1. Tim, surely you’re forgetting the magic money tree which is thriving at the mo? You just print the money and everything’s fine. Spudda will confirm.

    OT, but I just love the phrase “left behind areas”. It’s as though we’re an ice pack which is separating.

  2. Clovis +1 – the Plastic Tories have converted to MMT, or at least are pretending to, in the hope their nation-wrecking spending will be overlooked.

  3. The “red wall” is mostly less densely populated areas. So, places people use cars more. All this will do is to rob people to go into some wanky government projects. Unless you’re going to build roads (trains are wanky).

  4. “This is much less fun as you’re about to find out.” —You think? I got somethin for yer. “end austerity now”. check mate realists.

  5. HB–Try that in English please.

    Red wall Tories are mostly fucked already. No enthusiasm for Labour and seats might have stayed Tory had Blojob not done all the shite he has. Blojob’s gang are in deep doo already and once the real LD bill arrives they are history. Labour will take most back cos unless Reform can get their act together–not likely with Farage winging it with bollocks about Bliar etc-the Tory new vote will abstain.

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