This is gonna be fun, isn’t it?

Global stock markets ended February deep in the red, as fears of higher inflation prompted a sell-off in government bonds and spread anxiety across financial markets.

Watching the P³’s explanations of why inflation simply cannot happen and therefore it isn’t will be amusing, no?

2 thoughts on “This is gonna be fun, isn’t it?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    My guess is he’ll say that inflation in finance markets isn’t real inflation and there’s no inflation in the real world.

    Although neoliberal plot might pip it to the post.

  2. It’ll be because all the money printing wasn’t the right kind of money printing, naturally………just like all the money being splurged into the economy by Boris won’t pay for itself, whereas all the money that the Spudatollah wants to splurge into the economy will.

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