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This is not a huge surprise

We are desperate for human contact’: the people breaking lockdown to have sex

Sex is one of those driving human forces. Folks will do all sorts of things to get it…..pissing off a bureaucrat being a fairly minor barrier.

6 thoughts on “This is not a huge surprise”

  1. On the internet I’m sure there is a web site for that.

    Oh, you said “off” not “on”.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I did not think I would live to see myself defending the British person’s inalienable right to go dogging.

    But such are the extremes to which Covid and its crack down have pushed us.

    I say, pretend to walk that dog. Remember, Englishmen will never never be slaves.

  3. We Young. We Horny. We dodge Parental units. The dodging bit actually adding spice to the whole exercise..

    And extending the dodging bit one or two ( even three?..) decades… Obvious results are Obvious…
    But try explaining that to a bureaucrat..

  4. Journalists! Have you now exhausted your meagre knowledge of virology and public health policy? Do you normally write in an amateur moralising tone about social trends, but find that lockdown prevents the emergence of any new trends to write about? Are you being pressurised to write something, but nothing new is happening?

    Why not make something up! Yes, just like those 1970s teenage mag agony columns, just come up with some random names, and confect a story or two, based around what you might have heard in the office. Remember to include a gayer or two, and Bob’s your frustrated Auntie’s fuckbuddy!

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