For some of the tens of millions of fans of the hit period drama Bridgerton, admiring the Doric columns and Regency architecture is not enough — they want to own a piece of it as well.

The popularity of Netflix’s Regency show, which has been watched by more than 82 million households worldwide, is inspiring wealthy international buyers to snap up period properties in the UK, according to estate agents.

Set in England in 1813, the drama is based on historical romance novels by the American author Julia Quinn. While Bridgerton is set almost entirely in 1800s London, some of England’s finest houses, palaces and castles were used as filming locations for the series.

Much was shot in Bath, including the Holburne Museum, featured as Lady Danbury’s estate, and the exteriors of No 1 Royal Crescent, a museum in Bath, which was used to bring the Featheringtons’ home to life.

For one Australian couple, £665,000 was a small price to pay for a piece of Bridgerton. They bought a property on the Royal Crescent through Sotheby’s after a virtual viewing. “They exchanged in late December — all our communications at that point referenced Bridgerton and the family members now call the wife ‘the duchess’,” said Christine Penny, of Sotheby’s Bath office.

My own flat in Bath is also featured – well, feature is possibly a little too grand a word – in Bridgerton. Anyone who wants to buy that bit of history is welcome to make an offer – say, £664,995.95?

5 pence off because Alfred Street isn’t quite, not wholly and exactly, the same as the Royal Crescent.

7 thoughts on “Tsk”

  1. If tens of millions watch that pile of shite then the cuntry(sic) is in far worse shape than even I thought.

  2. I hope they know that the annual repair bill will be more or less the price they paid. Those houses were not particularly well-built, which becomes apparent if you look at the back views

  3. As any fule kno, the longest Georgian crescent is the Royal York Crescent in Bristol.

    Its grandeur only embellished by knowing that the foundations are made up of the bones of slaves mixed with tobacco ash, the two industries that made Bristol wealthy. If they do put up a new statue to Colston, he should be depicted smoking a fag.

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