‘Right now I’m into Libyan reggae’:

Is there no end to the cultural appropriation?

12 thoughts on “Tsk”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well that is thermonuclear-level wanna-be virtue-signalling. Soyboi masturbation in other words.

    After all, everyone knows Algeria rap is much better. See Cheb Khaled

  2. Cat Stevens is about the extent of most people’s Arab music knowledge.

    Btw the “Timmy Around The Web” has stopped working.

  3. SMFS,

    The problem nowadays is that they can’t bluff with their obscurist shit like they could in the 1980s. You can take a band name, paste it into YouTube and hear it. Two of the tracks just sound like bad versions of James Brown or Isaac Hayes.

    Like most “world music” the only reason anyone claims to like it is so they can shag white leftie girls. “World music” is like “alternative medicine”. If it’s actually any good, people just call it music.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke on M4 February 22, 2021 at 10:41 am – “World music” is like “alternative medicine”. If it’s actually any good, people just call it music.”

    That is a great line. I might steal that. There is world music. No one likes it. What we call world music is usually music by someone that came from the Third World but the music was re-done by Western producers. They are about as authentic as Milli Vanilli. Angelique Kidjo has a great voice but before anyone would touch her music, she had to get some White people to work it over for a White audience. The same is true for Youssou N’dour. Hell I bet the same is true for the Gypsy Kings.

  5. At one time I was living a couple of doors away from Andy Kershaw. Of “world music” I am not a fan. It is not a taste easily acquired. Even under duress.

  6. In the late 90s/early 00s I used to go to the WOMAD (World of Music Arts & Dance) festival near Reading. It was, as you might imagine, absolutely full of pseuds, wankers and hippies. And world music, which broke down roughly as follows:

    30% – African drumming bands
    20% – Ska/reggae (what I was there for)
    20% – crappy folk music from Lithuania or Taiwan or fuck knows
    20% – kinda latin stuff
    8% – dance/electronica played late for anyone battered on drugs (also me)
    2% – people you’ve heard of

    Still, great times. As far as I can remember….

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