Tsk, silly

He goes on to say that such bribes were just the way the business worked. That they were not only legal but even tax deductible. All of that is entirely true.

However, I don’t believe a word of it. He talks about picking up £500,000 in notes now and then to go pay. Nonsense. Everyone knows that it was $.

3 thoughts on “Tsk, silly”

  1. The question is ‘Did he get better value for money than the government did in paying for the Spice Girls’. If he did, perhaps here’s another expert that Boris needs to hire to get the aid program delivering.

  2. The only places where there is no corruption are where it is successfully concealed because they are all at it. Anywhere, including here.

  3. I thought €500 notes* were the preferred method, as they’ll fit inside a brown envelope.

    But Rhoda’s right – in the UK it will be a box at Twickenham/Wimbledon/ROH and the promise of a seat on the board.

    * no longer being printed, apparently, but still legal tender

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